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Target 90% off Christmas

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We heard that a few stores went 90% off yesterday, so there is a pretty good chance we should see some stores go to 90% off today. Remember to use the scanners to double check prices and you will also want to check each department too, because some items may have been put in their normal departments. For instance, home decor items may end up back in the home decor or Magnolia Hearth & Hand items may be mixed in with the newer items. We have shared a TON of photos over the last few days, make sure you check out the photos in these posts so you know what to watch for when you get to Target.

Here are some photos of our readers 90% off Christmas shopping trips.

Tara did awesome!  She even found LEGOs!  These were 90% off and food was 70% off in new store in the Philly region. Most was on regular aisles. Starbucks mugs/cups, women’s/kid’s/men’s PJs, tons of lights, Lego mini sets. She got everything for $56. 

Here are Amy’s finds.   She was excited about the soy candles.

Here is Jenn’s haul, her favorite item is the Hearth & Hand wooden serving board for $2.49! DPCI: 324-03-1028

Tara paid $30 for all of these items.

Kristin found these ringing up at 70% off.

One of our favorite things is seeing what you got at Target at 90% off.  Please share your photos any of the following ways:

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