Target Toy Clearance Update: LEGO’s have been Marked Down!!

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Woo Hoo! One of my favorite things to pick up during the BIG summer toy clearance at Target is LEGO’s.   I love them almost as much as my kids.   Who am I kidding, I probably love the more!   They are so much fun to put together and they make for some fun quality time between Mom and child.   I hate when they get to the age when they can put their own LEGO set together, it’s not nearly as much fun.

I was disappointed when I previously checked out the toy clearance and didn’t see any LEGO’s marked down, but I finally found some yesterday.   YIPPEE!   The clearance LEGO’s start out at 15% off, because they are so popular, and they usually only make it to 50% off now.   There are a few occasions where you may find a LEGO set at 70% off, but it doesn’t happen all that often anymore.

Here are some of the sets I spotted at the Issaquah, WA Target:

I also noticed a LEGO game on clearance too, it was currently marked down to 30% off.  There is a fairly decent chance you can find the games marked down to 70% off, provided there is a decent selection at your store.

Make sure you check out my previous post highlighting lots of the toys that are currently on clearance at Target.

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  1. @Cambree Nope, I didn’t see any of the Spongebob sets marked down. I took a photo of every Lego set that I saw that was marked down.

  2. ok thank you! i have been keeping my eye out for it. but i might have to go check out the clearance ones anyways…haha…

  3. Beware the “clearance” price, the Creator Lighthouse set, has an MSRP of 39.99, but target as of May 15th in my local store, upped the price to just over $46, so the current 30% off price is still between $34-36…. Many of the others I looked at are similar, clearance tag on the shelf on top of a sticker with the “starting” price and a date in May, underneath the printed price on the cardboard runner on the shelf is back at MSRP like they were 45-50 days ago.

    1. I noticed that yesterday. Star wars Legos that have been 9.99 for six months are now on clearance with a reg. price tag of 12.99.

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