More Target Gifts-to-Go

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I’m sharing more images of items that are in the gifts-to-go displays at Target. The reason why you want to familiarize yourself with the items in these displays is because last year all of these items were part of the Christmas clearance. I was able to get many of the gift items for 90% off last year.  I should mention that the close we get to Christmas the more these shelves will get cleared out so Target may be adding some of their regular merchandise to these displays.   So, just because you see something in the gift display doesn’t mean it will in fact be part of the Christmas clearance.  We will know for sure when the markdown actually happens.

If you aren’t familiar with how the Christmas clearance happens at Target please check out our Christmas Clearance Details post, it’s full of Christmas clearance info. If you are a regular when it comes to shopping Christmas clearance you will want to check out the post because I’ve included the dates the markdowns happened last year and links to a lot of items that should be included in the clearance this year.

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