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Target Christmas Clearance 70% off (Our Finds)

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We decided to scope out our Target stores after receiving several reports the Christmas Clearance went 70% off today. We were super excited to find a few of our stores in the Pacific Northwest down to 70% off.  I don’t know if the same holds true for you, but most of the stores that went 70% off here are the newly remodeled stores. Make sure you use the scanners, some of our stores were only signed at 50% off. Food items were down to 50% off at our stores. Don’t forget to check out all of the posts below that are FULL of photos of gifts-to-go, Dollar Spot items and other Christmas goodies that are included:

For your reference, we’ve listed the dates the Christmas clearance happened last year:

December 26th ~ 50% off (food and candy 30% off)
December 29th ~ 70% off (food and candy 50% off)
January 1st ~ 90% off (food and candy 70% off)

Here are several of the awesome clearance deals we found:


At my store the gifts-to-go items were only marked down to 50% off.   Some of them now have yellow clearance stickers too.

We really want to see what items you are buying at 70% off.  Please share your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. My Target had holiday merchandise marked down to 70% off today, with food at 50% off. I scored some good deals on food and Glade candles. I’m biding my time, waiting for some of the holiday decor to hit 90% off. A few days ago, I snagged two round side tables that I’d had my eye on—they rang up at 70% off, even though everything was still at 50% off at the time. The gift wrap at my store was wiped out early on—I didn’t even see it.

  2. Wow – where is your Target located – you found a lot of great items!! I went to my closest Target in Phoenix, AZ on the day after Christmas and the wrapping paper, bags, and ornaments were almost gone. There were a lot of bags of chocolate candy – but since they were only 30% off, I only bought a few of the ones that are only available during Christmas.

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