New Christmas Target Dollar Spot

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Now that Halloween has been cleared out, you should see your Dollar Spot fill up with all things Christmas and Thanksgiving. I already shared a bunch of photos of some of the fun new Christmas Dollar Spot items and now I am sharing even more.  Selection will vary by location and some stores may not be fully stocked yet so just keep checking back every time you stop at Target.


If you don’t see these items in your store, you can purchase some of the Dollar Spot items online at Target.com.  Keep in mind the online items are sold in multiplies, they aren’t sold individually.

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  1. For someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas I am so excited with all the winter decor. I usually use snowmen to decorate but I’ve been buying a variety of houses and snowball items to use in January. Keep checking back to eventually find what you are looking for. And look carefully, I found the snowball bucket stuck inside a completely different kind of bucket.

  2. Did you see any of the gold/rose gold/ silver items of a few years back? Maybe a furry fuzz ball that came in different bright colors? I spend a whole year waiting for the Target Dollar Xmas items to come in so that I could squeal like a little kid and buy up everything! Now the stuff I buy is supposed to be for my neighbors but I have a hard time parting with most of the stuff I get.
    So please please tell me that there are some gold/rose gold and silver items please. It’s ok if I have an irregular beat or two.
    Thank You!

  3. Any idea when they’d be bringing the Calendars back? I got a nice clipboard one last year from the dollar spot but can’t remember when?

  4. The cream & gold scarves I’m looking for for my daughter’s bridesmaids. We found 1 & she fell in love, but can’t find anymore. We need 8 more. Does anyone’s target still have them? Would you be willing to help me out, I’m desperate the wedding is 12/15/18 ? Thank you so much!

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