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My Target Christmas Clearance 90% off Finds (2019)

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I am sharing what I picked up on clearance for 90% off this year during the 90% off Christmas clearance at Target.  I didn’t hit as many stores as I usually do because I got sick before Christmas and I am still technically getting over the illness.  Getting sick limits your clearance shopping abilities!  I didn’t get to scope out the store ahead of time to see which stores had the best selection.  Overall, I am happy with the items I ended up with and I had a blast seeing all the great deals you scored.

Many of you love to see what I bought and to know what my plans are for all of the items.  So, here you go!

Christmas Trees Sign $1.50 (reg $15.00)

Hearth & Hand Advent Calendar $3.69 (reg $36.99)

I will use both of these items as Christmas decor next year.

Hearth & Hand Wreath $3.49 (reg $34.99)

I will be using this as decor year round.  I may removed the berries and dress it up a little differently or just leave it green.

Christmas treats tray $.80 (reg $.80)

I will use this at Christmas time for yummy Christmas treats.

Slippers $1.50 (reg $15.00)

I picked up a pair of slippers for me, my daughter and my mother-in-law.

3-pack Mask Bar peel-off masks $.49 (reg $4.99)

Animalz Mask $.39 (reg $3.99)

Elsa Bath Bomb $.75 (reg $7.50)

Elf Bomb $.50 (reg $5.00)

My family will use all these items, we are face mask junkies, even the guys use the face masks with us girls.

Real Techniques make-up brush sets $1.99 (reg $19.99)

I needed a new Real Techniques sponge and the cost of the set with the sponge was less than it would have cost me to just buy a new sponge.  I am sure my daughter will take the make-up brushes in that set.  The other set will be a gift.

Kristin Ess brush set $1.50 (reg $15.00)

Real Techniques make-up brush set $1.99 (reg $19.99)

I will be keeping the brush set and use the brush when my current one is worn out.  I often buy item when they are cheap before I need them to save money later.  The Real Techniques set will be a gift.

Bib $.79 (reg $7.99)

3-pack Socks $.84 (reg $8.49)

The bib is for a baby gift and the socks are currently on my son’s feet (not all 3 pairs at once).

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Mask $1.29 (reg $12.99)

elf Haute Chocolate eye shadow kit $1.00 (reg $10.00)

eos Super Soft Shea Trio set $.79 (reg $7.99)

The Burt’s Bees and eos will be used by our family and the eyeshadow kit is going to my friend for a gift for one of her girls.

Ruby + Cash Stay Gold Make-up bag $.50 (reg $5.00)

Pixi Best of Medley set $2.00 (reg $20.00)

I think these two items will end up being a gift that I will gift together.  The cute Pixi items will go perfectly in the bag.  What I great gift for only $2.50!

PopSockets set $1.99 (reg $19.99)

I was so excited to find these!   All of these will be used for gifts for teens.  I picked up 2 sets for myself and 3 sets for my friend that has 2 teenage girls.

More Than Magic friendship bracelet kit $1.50 (reg $15.00)

More Than Magic earbuds $1.49 (reg $14.99)

These two items will go together for a gift for a tween.

More Than Magic Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit $1.00 (reg $10.00)

More Than Magic Lip & Nail set $1.00 (reg $10.00)

All of the remaining More Than Magic items were picked up for my friend with the two teenage girls, she plans on giving these as gifts to her girls and their friends.

More Than Magic make-up bags $.50 (reg $5.00)

When these clearance sales happen I like to think about friends and family members that could use some of the items too.  

Sugar Paper gift box $.80 (reg $8.00)

Starbucks Cups $1.49 (reg $14.99)

Balloon kit $.99 (reg $9.99)

The gift box will be for a gift, I probably will use it to gift one of the water bottles I got on clearance from a different year (I sill have one left), the Starbucks cups will be for gifts and the balloon kit will be for when I have kids at my house that need to be entertained.

I use these holiday clearance sales to pick up items that I can gift throughout the year.  If you want to see some of the gifts I put together using holiday clearance check out this post.


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