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More Readers’ Target 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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While we wait for the Target Christmas Clearance to hit 90% off we thought it would be fun to share more clearance photos from our readers! Here are some other posts you may want to check out:

Mark shared that these Febreze items are part of the clearance for $.89 and it’s get even better because there is a $1 off manufacturer coupon in the Cartwheel app. Get one for FREE!

Heather had a cart full of stuff but here are her favorite clearance finds!  That Hearth & Hand cook set is the cutest!

Angie was thrilled to grab 16 pairs of matching socks for her and her daughter.  Each pair was only $.38.  ! I LOVE this!!!

Check out the really neat cutting boards and Starbucks tumblers Ashley found!

Katrina picked up several packages of wrapping paper, Heath & Hand decor, Wonderhshop outside decor & more. 

I’m loving the Hearth & Hand Soup Tureen Suezanne scored.

Heather was excited to pick up some of the Hearth & Hand decor.  

How cute is the Play-Doh Candy Cane Jessica found?  She also found some gloves, tissue & wrapping paper, cards & more. 

Katie scored a ton of gift wrapping supplies along with some festive towels and tree skirt. 

Here is a look at the fun clearance items Kimberlie brought home.   I am so jealous of the Letters to Santa mailbox and that super cool cookie cutter.

Gaby found some really pretty Starbucks mugs and a ton of paper plates.  

Shelly found some holiday pj’s, placemats and some chapstick I haven’t seen before.  The beauty gifts were only 50% off. 

Tara stocked up on Starbucks coffee at 70% off. 

Here is Tina’s awesome haul!

Whitney did awesome!  Check out all of the items she picked up! 

Zaida brought home some fun decor items.  The gold bucket is so pretty. 

Here is a peek at all of the clearance items Dina bought.  The Warm Wishes mug set is awesome! She also found several air fresheners, baking pans and more.

Wow! Check out Melinda’s haul, she scored a ton of Kleenex along with bakeware, air fresheners and more!  Suezanne did great and picked up cute apparel, cords, basket and other cool items. 

We have had a blast looking at all of your terrific Christmas Clearance finds! Please keep those pictures coming. Here are some of the ways you can share your photos:

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  1. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! I stumbled upon it this year and can’t stop checking back to see all the deals everyone is getting!

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