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Target Christmas Clearance 90% off + Shopping Trip Photos

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A few Target stores marked down their Christmas clearance to 90% off yesterday and it seems like some more stores have marked the Christmas clearance down to 90% off today. Beauty gift sets and food will be 70% off.   This is the best time to stock up on items for next Christmas, for your home, for Easter baskets, or for birthdays because many of the items aren’t Christmas themed at all. We really have a TON of post that highlight all the deals, you can view them here:

We have some new photos to share with you too:

Just WOW! Look at all the amazing things Gaby scored at 90% off.   If you want to know which type of furniture and home decor items to look for make sure you check out the photos of these collections online, they are the same items that should be 90% off in-store.

Fireside collection

Gold Lux Lodge collection

Merriment and Silver collection

Christina found some amazing thing too!  Keep an eye out for the Junk Food brand, those were brought in for Christmas.

Look at all the stuff Jennifer found at her store.  I am so amazed by all the stuff some of your stores have left.

I love how you all share you photos because it helps us see new items that we haven’t seen before. Check out what Wendy found at her store. This cool Lite-Write Laser Show was only $17.99 at 90% off.   Amazing!

Don’t forget the beauty sets will be 70% off.   Angie found all of these great deals at her store.  I want to point out the Wet Brush, these are awesome brushes and some of them are part of the Christmas clearance.   This one has a metallic finish to it.

We plan to share even more photos later today.  Please share your photo with us any of the following ways:

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  1. Does Beauty Sets ever get to 90% off? Or do they stay at 70%? Wondering if I should buy my beauty sets at 70% off or wait till it hits 90% (if they ever do). Thanks for sharing all the great hauls!

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