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Target Christmas Clearance Deals

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I stopped by my Target store in Kent and found some great items that are part of the Christmas clearance.  I took a ton of photos so it will give you a good idea of some items you want to watch for.   Here are the dates the 70% and 90% off markdowns took place last year.  We don’t know for sure if they will happen on the exact same days this year, but it gives us a really good idea of when the markdown may take place.

  • 70% off  (food & beauty 50% off) – 12/29/16
  • 90% off (food & beauty 70% off) –  1/2/17

Generally, I don’t buy anything at 50% off unless there is only one or two items left and it is something I need (like Kleenex).   I like to wait for 70% and 90% off and then I think about stocking up for Easter basket fillers, birthday gifts, birthday treat bags, stocking stuffers for next year and more.

Don’t forget to check Starbucks as soon as you walk in the store.   Many of their cups, mugs, bottles and coffees are part of the Christmas clearance.  I scanned one cup and took a photos of a few of other drinkware that could also be part of the clearance.

There are a ton of different styles of drinkware that can be part of the clearance so make sure you look around and scan as much as you can.

Parts of the Magnolia collection are included in the Christmas clearance!!  Woot!  That means these items should go to 70% and even 90% off.   Most of the items included in the clearance are holiday items, gift wrap, gift items and some pillows.  Here is a peek at some of the items.

It looks like the Hearth & Hand toys should be included in the clearance.  I was only able to find one of the cocoa sets, but it was indeed part of the clearance.  Cutest thing ever!

Gift bags and gift wrap are part of the clearance and most can be used year round.

Don’t forget that there are home decor and furniture items included in the Christmas clearance.   The three main lines I found are as follows

Fireside collection

Gold Lux Lodge collection

Merriment and Silver collection

I happen to find some of the items from these lines marked down to 50% off at my store.

There are a TON of gift items included in the clearance.   I found an endcap with the following items all part of the clearance, they were scanning 50% off.

These Buxton gifts were 50% off.

My store has moved a bunch of the gift displays that they had around the store back to where the Christmas section is.   Here is a peek at some of the awesome deals I found on these gift type items.

There are cute Cat & Jack jewelry sets that would make great birthday gifts.

The popular 12 days of socks are also part of the Christmas clearance.   The Star Wars ones were the only ones left at my store, but I know there are other varieties so keep you eyes peeled.

Fun Star Wars hat was only $2.50 at 50% off.  If this is still around at 70% off, it will be only $1.50 and only $.50 at 90% off.

This is a great time to pick up underwear for the kiddos.   Winter themed undies for girls and boys are on clearance.

The Cheeky Stainless Sett water bottles in the 20 oz and 32 oz size were ringing up 50% off.  The kids bottles were not ringing up as part of the clearance at my store.

I was surprised to find some of the skincare and beauty items ringing up at 50% off while others were only 30% off.

Mossimo gold clutch is part of the gift section and is on clearance too.

My store had a ton of these men’s Goodfellow card cases as part of the Christmas clearance.

eos lip balm is once again part of the clearance. They have these every year.

There were several sets of essie nail polish sets ringing up at 50% off.

Lots of the items meant for stocking stuffers will make great Easter basket fillers or great items to add to birthday party treat bags.

I found some Infantino toys were part of the Christmas clearance too.

This is always a great time to stock up on plasticware, paper plates, foil, tissue and more.

Don’t forget the pets!  There are Christmas themed toys and treats that always end up as part of the Christmas clearance.

If you found a Christmas clearance deal you are happy about feel free to share a photo with us, you can share any of the following ways:


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    1. I usually ask on the All Things Target FB page bright and early in the morning so everyone can comment with what kind of markdowns they are finding at their store. Make sure you check in there to see. Last year it happened on the 29th, so there is a decent change it may happen on that day again. We don’t really know until it happens. https://www.facebook.com/allthingstarget/

  1. Hi, did you find the stainless steel water bottles and ziplock items/plastic wrap/etc in their designated spots or back in xmas clearance?

    1. The water bottles were on the gift displays that they had throughout the store, they moved them back to the Christmas clearance. The Ziploc items were also moved the the back of the store with the Christmas stuff, but the Kleenex type items were in their regular spot.

  2. Just got back from going to a few Targets…70% is on now!
    (atleast at the stores I went to – in Colorado, somewhat near Denver)

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