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Update on Target Toy Clearance (July/August 2018)

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What in the freaking heck is Target doing to us shoppers?  First, they don’t mark the summer clearance down like they usually do and now the toys are being marked down strange, or I guess I should say not being marked down.   So, I visited two Target’s this morning to check on the toy clearance, one store was condensing things to one aisle (no markdowns yet) and another that I know was condensed last night did have some 70% off markdowns today.   The one with the markdowns still had items at 30% and 50% off too.

If you head to your store to check the clearance remember to look at the price tags and don’t pay attention to the signs.  All the signs at my store said 30% off and that wasn’t the case.

So here is what I think is going on:

  • Target is messing with us big time this year.  (yellow clearance stickers, strange summer markdowns and now this)
  • If you store didn’t have any  markdowns bright and early this morning there is chance they may do some markdowns later today, especially if they were rearranging the department.
  • It looks as if the majority of the toys are not going 70% off at one time (this has happened in previous years too).  We should probably see more markdowns over the next couple of week.

Here is a peek at some of the toys and games I found at 70% off this morning at one of my Target stores.

If you are fortunate enough to find toys marked down to 70% off today, please share you finds with us any of the following ways:


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  1. I’ve been “stalking” sale….haha…the last few weeks, I spoke to an employee and apparently this year their staggering their price reductions every 2 weeks! That’s why it’s taking so long to get to 70% and if that bc it’s been in the shelf for 2 weeks at 50%, and likely sold before going to 70. This includes the small dinky toys! So annoying…

  2. What’s it mean when my target app shows one price but it rings up another? I’ve only had luck about half the time having them honor the app price.

  3. On 8/1, my store in Marlborough, MA was removing all of the clearance toys to put out new ones. They didn’t even want people to go through the carts that they were putting the removed toys in. It was really odd!

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