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More Target Christmas Clearance Finds

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There were a handful of Target stores that had their Christmas clearance marked down to 70% off today, which leads me to believe there is a very good chance we will see the majority of the stores hit 70% off tomorrow (12/29). So, I headed to a different Target today (Renton) to see if I could find some more deals that you will want to keep an eye one.   Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas clearance finds post from the other day, there are a TON of photos in that one.

Here are a couple of things you want to remember:

  • Sometimes they don’t get the chance to change the signs so scan an item or two to see what the discount is.
  • Target does not offer price adjustments on clearance items
  • I will post bright and early on the All Things Target Facebook page so everyone can check in and report what they are finding at their location.
  • Have fun & share your photos with us!

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