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Target Toy Clearance: 70% off is happening today!! (January 16, 2014)

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Target Toy Clearance

I have received word from tons of people that the 70% off clearance has in fact started at their Target stores today (1/16). I am also hearing that while there are quite a few items marked down to 70% off there are still some items that have remained at 30-50% off (probably LEGOs and a few other items). Keep in mind that clearance can vary by location, so there is chance that the markdown has not taken place at your store.    You can keep on eye on this Facebook post and  this Facebook Post for what people are reporting at their location.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.38.04 AM

Make sure you don’t pay attention to the 30% or 50% off signs on the shelves, check the individual price stickers to see if they are 70% off. You will see a number in the top right hand corner that will tell you what percent they have been marked down. You may also want to scan an item or two just to double check.

I do not recommend calling the stores, the employees up front aren’t usually aware of the markdown and you may get incorrect information.

I would LOVE to see photos of the toys and so would everyone else. You can share your photos the following ways:

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  1. Thank you for posting this. You were the first of my daily blogs. Ill be following your blog from now on. Thank you again!

  2. I got some great deals this morning. Imaginext, lalaloopsy and some duplos! Some items were still at 50% like the duplos but it’s hard catching sales on them so I snagged them. One store went from 50 to 70 but they had only one small aisle. The other store went from 30 to 70 and had about 3 aisles full!!

    1. Yes, my sister found them at 70% off at our Southcenter location. I have received photos of others finding them too.

  3. 70% in Oklahoma. Legos, Barbie (and a couple other random items) remain at 50%, but I’ve found those are usually their lowest price point.

    Found lots of Disney, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, Nerf and Hexbug stuff. Plus some big Powerwheels at 70% and baby, too.

    Went to three stores in the Metro and largest selection found at S Oklahoma City Target, where I snagged a lot of 50% Legos. (Yay!) The Norman Target had a second “secret” clearance aisle back by the bikes that I almost missed the first time around. Looked pretty untouched, so I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Hunt around! Other stores seemed to have everything in endcaps and clearance aisles in the toy area itself.

  4. Had a morning of back and forth at the Nashville, TN stores. Went to my first one, and nothing marked down yet and noone in the aisle. I asked someone to scan a lego set for me, he was doing mark downs close to electronics and the lego set was 50% off, so I knew the mark down was coming. I got that lego set, and left to come back. Went to another Target, same thing. Went to breakfast and back to the first Target, and there was one person over in the sporting goods working her way down. So I left. Went to a third Target and their toys were marked down yeah. Went back to the second Target and they were marking when I was there, around noon. So I got some things. And then back to the first Target because there were some more lego sets I wanted. But you guessed it they were gone. The workers hadn’t even finished marking down yet, but what I wanted was gone. Oh well. I still got alot of good stuff and two huge lego sets that I hadn’t planned on getting. It’s just that it took all morning. From 8am-1pm.

    1. You snooze, you lose. Nice calling her “old” all passive-aggressive like. As long as someone isn’t being aggressive and rude in the isles, it’s up to them how much they buy.

  5. Got a lot of great stuff at frisco Texas store
    Some stuff still 50 percent off
    They were already taking stuff out to salvage which I thought was strange

    1. I went to the Edina store and got a few good toys at 70% off!! Haven’t been to any other stores but they were marking down while I was there around 2pm.

    2. MPLS area seems to be an exception to the rest of the country. I went to Eden Prairie, Edina, Bloomington, Shakopee, Savage, Burnsville, and Lakeville yesterday. These are all at 50%, but each have some at 70% that varies from store to store. Still decent inventory on a lot of stuff, so hopefully they still have decent stocks in a week (or two?) when 70% arrives.

      1. Thank you for posting that, Matt! I didn’t get a chance to check anywhere yesterday! I am going to check the Fridley and Downtown Mpls Targets today! I feel like Mpls stores are always behind 🙁

  6. In southcenter there are not many 70% off signs but if you look through the toys you’ll find a bunch. I found at least a dozen different toys for boy stuff. I’m not sure on the girls toys, I wasn’t looking for those.

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