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DIY Halloween Throw Pillow Cover

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I’ve always loved decorating for Halloween, but after the year we’re having I need it more than ever. I spotted these dish towels in the Dollar Spot during a quick Target run. While they make fantastic dish towels, their softness begs to be made into throw pillow covers. Plus, you only have to sew a few straight lines.

You’ll need:

Wash the dish towels before cutting and sewing. I would have ironed them, but I was crafting during my little’s nap time so it wasn’t a priority. The fabric is forgiving so don’t worry about perfection. I eyeballed everything and I think it turned out great. Lay the patterned dish towel down and cut it in half.

Lay the black dish towel down and fold one corner over. Cut along the side to create a square without having to measure. This is the red dashed line in the picture below.

Lay the black dish towel down with the print facing up. Lay the printed dish towel down with the unprinted side facing up. Make sure both of the cut edges of the fabric are along the top edge. Pin that top edge together.

Now lay the other half of the printed dish towel along the bottom. Make sure the printed side is facing down again and the cut edge of the fabric is on the bottom. Pin the bottom edge while making sure the tassels are flipped up towards the inside. Sew each of the pinned sides.

Pin the left side then the right side. Sew those seams.

Turn it right side out and you’ll see you’ve created an envelope pillow cover.

I couldn’t find a throw pillow insert at my Target, so I grabbed an inexpensive pillow to make my own. To make it fit you’ll need to make a few adjustments. Cut open one side and remove somewhere around two thirds of the filling. Save it to fill dish towel pillows like the ones I made here.

When you’ve removed enough filling so it’s able to fit in the pillow cover you’ve made, cut off the excess to create a square pillow. Fold the raw edge under, pin it, then sew it. Don’t worry about perfection here. You won’t even see it.

Stuff it into the throw pillow cover and you’re all done!

I know this is supposed to be the back…but I kind of love it!

The best part is that you can do the same thing with the dish towels Target puts out with every new season and holiday. You’ll can decorate for every occasion without storing a million different throw pillows.

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