Lil Mixins Early Allergen Introduction

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Any baby can develop food allergies, so it’s recommended that every baby be introduced to nuts and eggs. Pediatricians worldwide agree that babies (4-12 months) who eat nut and baked egg protein regularly are 80% less likely to develop allergies than babies who don’t.  We’ve learned that babies’ bodies learn to tolerate foods when they eat 2g of those proteins with 3 meals each week. Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder contains the recommended 2g of protein in each serving.  Using Lil Mixins helps to reduce your baby’s peanut allergy risk.

Lil Mixins’ goal is to help stop food allergies before they start.  They make it easy for parents to add peanut, tree nut, and baked egg protein into tiny diets early. Feeding your baby allergens early and often is the single best way to reduce the chance that they will develop a food allergy. Lil Mixins is 100% natural, they offer baby-safe peanut, baked egg, and tree nut powders.

Babies can eat nuts & eggs as soon as they have tolerated one or two other solids like baby cereal, however you cannot feed your baby regular nut butter, whole nuts, or scrambled eggs until they are much older due to the choking hazards.  For babies 4-12 months, Lil Mixins Peanut Powder & Tree Nut Powder is a safe and easy way to introduce your baby to peanuts.

To use the powder you add the recommended amount of 2g to 4 oz of baby food 3 times a week. Lil Mixins has a handy feeding chart on each package to ensure your baby gets the recommended 2g of protein with 3 meals each week.  You can feel confident feeding Lil Mixins to your baby, it is the only early introduction option compliant with the American Academy of Pediatric Association’s guidelines for potential allergenic foods. Over 2,500 pediatricians recommend Lil Mixins to their patients.

You can find Lil Mixins in handy single serving pouches, which makes it easy to add to your baby’s food when on the go or when they head over to spend the day with Grandma. The 8.5 oz jar is a 4-month supply with 48 servings, for a complete introduction to nuts.

You can find Lil’ Mixins at select Target stores in the baby department near the baby food.  Lil Mixins can be ordered online at and can be added to any baby registry through as well.  They are also partnering with Bump Club and Beyond as part of their Target Registry, you will be able to hear experts talk about Lil Mixins and the great benefits.  I recommend checking Lil Mixins website for more information or chatting with your pediatrician to learn about early allergen introduction.

Lil Mixins are included in the offer to get a $20 gift card when you spend $100 on select diapers, wipes and other baby necessities when you used same-day services online at

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