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Hot Cocoa Gift Mugs

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I knew the fun Christmas mugs from the Dollar spot would make for great gifts.  I put together and quick and easy gift using the Dollar Spot mugs, hot cocoa packets and toppings for hot cocoa.

To make these gifts I used the fun holiday mugs in the Target Dollar Spot, they were $5 for the 2-pack, which makes them only $2.50 each.

My idea for these mugs was to add some hot cocoa packets and some fun toppings they can add to their hot cocoa or to top off the whip cream on their hot cocoa.

Here are the supplies you will need:

I used plastic storage tubes that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, because I only needed a few, but you can also order the plastic tubes from Amazon if you plan on making several mug gifts.

Because the tops on the containers were a little boring I attached a ribbon to dress them up a bit and make them more festive.

I then used the greenery from the Dollar Spot to bundle them all together.   You can just as easily tie them together with ribbon or string.

For my toppings I used sprinkles, mallow-bits and mini chocolate chips, but I think crushed candy canes would be another great option.  I love peppermint and chocolate together.

I put the toppings in the mug with 2 packets of Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix.

To make gifting easy, I will be wrapping all the mugs in cellophane and attaching one of the tags from the Dollar Spot.


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  1. Love this idea! Thanks so much for giving all the details of where you picked up all your supplies. That helps so much. Going to run and try and find the mugs.

  2. I love these stockpile turned to gifts posts!! They are very inspiring. Keep them coming if you have any more ideas to share.

  3. This cute gift idea was so creative and beautiful at the same time! I’m sure the people receiving it felt the homemade love coming from it.
    Your creative side is inspiring us all!
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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