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DIY Lego Duplo Play Tray With Storage

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My littlest one has the good fortune of being born into a family that loves Lego. The only thing I don’t love is how they end up everywhere. I made this container for him that serves as both a storage and play area. Not only is it practical, but it looks great too!

You’ll need:

It’s no secret that I adore Target’s Hand Made Modern products, especially the unfinished wood pieces. This crate is perfect for this project because when you flip it over there is just enough room to house the Lego baseplate.

Mark where you need to cut the baseplate to make it fit. Then score the back of the baseplate with a craft knife a few times.

It should easily fold after a few cuts. Fold it back a forth until it snaps and separates.

The crate should be smooth and not need any additional sanding. You can leave the crate its natural color, stain it, or paint it. I chose to do two coats of white acrylic paint.

Once your stain or paint is dry, glue the baseplate down with E6000 or another strong glue.

When all the Lego are picked up it looks like a simple unassuming storage container.

Flip it over and it is the perfect height for a toddler to comfortably build on.

Did you know that both classic size and Duplo size blocks fit on a classic baseplate? Use a classic baseplate instead and this Lego crate can be loved even when they’re out of the Duplo stage.

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