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My Target Christmas 90% off Shopping Trip

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I’m finally sharing my own Target 90% off clearance shopping trip with you. I got to the store right when they opened at 7 am and I was THE ONLY person in the store. It was kind of fabulous! The store I went to didn’t have all the Christmas clearance in one section, it was all over the store, but I had a good idea of what I was looking for so I think I did pretty good. Here’s a peek at everything I scored.

Here are the shampoo/dry shampoo sets I picked up for $2.99 (70% off).  The dry shampoo usually sells for around $5 on it’s own, so this was a great way to save without having to worry about coupons.  Keep in mind the beauty sets and food items only go to 70% off.

Here are the men’s sets I picked up for $2.99 (70% off). Three of my boys us the Axe Pomade so I was thrilled to find that and I am kind of wishing I would have picked up 2 more boxes.

The Maybelline mascara was $1.34 (70% off). There are different UPCs for the bonus packs, the one you want will end in 39. I was thinking the make-up brushes were only going to be 70% off, but I was excited to find out they were 90% off. They were only $1.99 for the set (reg $19.99).

These make-up bags and matching make-up brushes were only $.50 each. These will make great gifts for teens, just add some lip balm or some make-up and you have a nice inexpensive gift.

These were some of the items I was hoping to find. The Swell bottles were $2.49. I mostly bought these for gifts.   You may want to check to see if any of these ended up back in the kitchen department.

Here are some of the Cheeky bottles I picked up for gifts too. The larger ones were $2.99 and the smaller ones were $2.29. Super excited about all of these!   I found all of these in the sporting good department, they have some water bottles in that department and these were mixed in with them.

Here are the home decor items I found. I think the wood tray and the marble box with the gold lid are probably my favorite items out of everything I bought. The wood tray was $1.99, candle was $1.49 and round marble box was $1.29.

Here are more of my favorite finds. It’s okay to have 5 favorites right? These blankets were $3.49 and $2.99. I am thinking these all will be gifts.

I also shop for my sister when the 90% off markdown happens and her one request was Christmas lights. I was excited to find these sets for only $1.59 each.

Here are the misc wrapping items I picked up. I was hoping to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper for next year, but the only ones left had characters on them. I did buy the pretty macaroon paper for birthdays though.  The 2-pack of gifts bags was a dollar spot item and only $.10 for both.

Thanks to a reader’s tip, I found these Goodfellow socks for only $.30 a piece.

Here are a few misc. items. The 2-pack of Febreeze was only $.49. I thought the Christmas cards were cute and only $.70. Those $.70 Christmas cards were my one impulse purchase, I didn’t really need any Christmas cards because I still have some from last years sale, but I am a sucker for anything with polka dots. I was thrilled to find the small lights for $1.49.  The notepad was a dollar spot find for $.10.  I found that the dollar spot items were mostly wiped out at all of my stores.

Lastly, I found one of the Infantino baby play sets at only $1.99.

I love this time of year! It has been so much fun hearing about all of your great deals and having you all share things you found that were part of the clearance so everybody else knows what to watch for. I wouldn’t have known about the socks if it wasn’t for some of you! I love the sense of community we have on the All Things Target Facebook page (if you aren’t part of the page yet, I highly recommend you join).  If you want to see even more Christmas clearance check out all these posts.  I would still love to see your photos if you haven’t shared them yet, please share any of the following ways.


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    1. I scanned the wood tray at my target and it was full price. Will it scan cheaper by register? Many people got those, but I just thought it was too much.

  1. I got Philips Christmas lights and the 2-pack of Febreeze too! Thanks for sharing all the good deals here and on Instagram/Facebook because it helped me in finding all the good deals post-Christmas.

    Have a fabulous 2018.

  2. Very nice trip. 🙂 So many things that I couldn’t find in my store even at 50%.

    I tried to stick only to what I could use for the family so socks and underwear mostly.

  3. Your clearance posts have been awesome! I found a few good deals yesterday (including the Star Wars hats…thanks to your readers’ posts!) but was really hoping to find the sip or cheeky mugs. I am in Washington too and was thinking about visiting another Target tomorrow because online it says another store has them in stock. Do you know when they usually pull all the Christmas stuff off the shelves and pack it away? Will it just be a waste of my time?

    1. Hi Kerry,

      I think the Christmas stuff should probably remain through today. If you want to find the Sip or Cheeky bottles there is a good chance that these may have ended up back in their respective departments. The Sip in the kitchen and the Cheeky in the sporting goods. Good luck!

  4. I just used https://brickseek.com/target-inventory-checker to find the Infantino toy in my area, and it shows the price as $19.99. I did the same thing yesterday for some of the furniture/home items posted that some of the readers got at 90% off, and the prices showed as full price. I went to your link to view the furniture collections that should be 90% off and saw some at the store..the gold hammered tray for example, but when I scanned it at the store, it wasn’t on sale at all. I’m curious if all the stores would have the same items marked down, or if I can rely on the price from my inventory checker. TIA!

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