Christmas Treat Bags with 90% Clearance Deals

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I am looking forward to Christmas and the Target clearance after Christmas.   Kristie shared how she used the Target clearance and Dollar Tree treat bags to make treat bags for her son’s class for just $.13 each!  The bubbles and Skittles were from the 90% off Halloween clearance.  The pencil packs came from 90% off clearance during Easter, Summer and Christmas.  She was bummed to see she was all out of Target clearance treat bags, so she picked up an 18pack of bags from Dollar Tree. 

I love this so much!  I too enjoy using the holiday clearance for gifting.   Here are a few of the things that I have gifted from the 90% off clearance deals, you can see even more here.

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  1. I gave out 90% off $0.29 eos lip balms and face masks at work. I printed out cute cards and attached them. I also gave out 90% off Starbucks cups from previous clearances ($0.99-1.29 each) in 90% off Christmas wine bags, with 90% off tissue paper. In fact, many of my gifts were 90% off or pennies. One coworker got a baking gift package that included a Nordic Ware cookie cutter and jar set, holiday spatula, sprinkles and cupcake liners and cookie cookbook…all 90% off, except maybe the sprinkles, those might have been 70% off.

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