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Target Christmas Clearance Details

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Christmas isn’t here yet, but many people want to know all about the Target Christmas Clearance that will start on December 26th.  When did the markdowns happen last year?  What will be included this year?  We thought it would be a great idea to share some of the important details so you can be prepared for when the clearance takes place.  The Christmas clearance is one of the best ways to score items for next year and even things you can use year round.   The Christmas clearance will go 50% off (food & candy 30% off), 70% off, and finally 90% off!  Here are the dates the markdowns took place last year, I can’t guarantee they will happen on the exact same dates this year, but this will give us a very good idea of when the markdowns may happen.

  • December 26th ~ 50% off (food and candy 30% off)
  • December 29th ~ 70% off (food and candy 50% off)
  • January 1st ~ 90% off (food and candy 70% off)

I really love the fact that Target holiday clearance doesn’t just included holiday themed items, you can check to see what clearance items I picked up at 90% off last year.   I like to use many of the holiday clearance items I pick up at 90% off and use them for gifts throughout the year.

The seasonal and holiday items do not get marked with yellow clearance stickers.  One way to tell if an items is included in the holiday clearance (once the markdown has taken place) is to scan it, if the price ends in an “8” then it is considered a regular markdown and the lowest it will go is 70% off.  If an item it marked down and it ends in a .9 or .o, there is a very good chance it will be part of the holiday clearance and has the potential to get marked down to 90% off (70% off for food & some beauty).

Before Christmas comes make sure you check out the gifts-to-go items while you are shopping at Target, there is a very good chance all of these items will be part of the Christmas clearance. These gift items were included in the markdown last year and it made for tons of great deals.

You can also find home decor and furniture as part of the Christmas clearance, my favorite clearance find has been the marble and gold table that I bought for only $8.99. Here are some of the holiday decor lines that should be part of the Christmas clearance, again I have no guarantee all of these items will be included, but if history repeats itself they should be part of the markdown.  Make sure you look at them now so you know what items to look for when the markdown happens.  I was able to purchase the table above 2 days after the 90% off markdown happened because I knew that it was part of the clearance.

In many cases these items will be moved in the back with the Christmas clearance, but sometimes they are put on an endcap in their own department. You will also find that a lot of times the items that don’t look “Christmasy” may end up in their respective department. Last year I found the 90% off men’s socks hanging with the regular priced socks in the men’s department. The beauty products often times will end up in the beauty department. If you know what is included, you will be able to spot the items when they are in the back with the Christmas clearance.

We also have the holiday collection from Hearth and Hand with Magnolia that will go on clearance.  It’s too soon to tell if they will mark this collection down like the regular holiday clearance or attach clearance stickers and mark then down at a slower.  Last year these items went 90% off, but with a few of the seasonal markdowns this year, they ended up putting clearance stickers on them.  I’m hoping they go 90% off, but we won’t know for sure until the first markdown takes place.

I highly recommend you follow the All Things Target Facebook page, we have a community full of Target loving people who will share their clearance finds when the markdown happens. It’s a ton of fun!

According to next week’s Target ad, we’ll see clearance deals of 50% off Wondershop and Philips Christmas trees and 30% off Wondershop wreaths, garlands, ornaments and lights.

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  1. In my area there are lots of Targets and you can always get a tree at 90% off. I have purchased them at 90% off every year for the last 3 years for myself and family/friends,

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