Fab Feet Shoe Inserts, Pads and Cushions

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Fall is here and it means warm cozy sweaters, jeans, beanies, scarves and a change of footwear.  Gone are the days of wearing flip flops and sandals.  We are now wearing sneakers, dress shoes and booties, or if you live in Seattle like I do…rain boots.  Everybody has different feet but we are all trying to wear the exact same shoes.

Thanks to Fab Feet by Foot Petals your sore feet or ill fitting shoes can be a thing of the past.  There is a Fab Feet by Foot Petals shoe insert, pad or cushion to fit any type of shoe you wear.

You will find the Fab Feet shoe inserts, pads and cushions conveniently located in the shoe department at Target.   You can find your shoes and your inserts in the exact same spot.

I picked up the Fab Feet Superior Dress Insole, which are a sueded gel insole that is great in my fall shoes, especially booties!   The Fab Feet Superior Dress Insole provides the following:

  • contoured design for added comfort and fit
  • microfiber-suede overlay for soft, comfortable feel
  • arch support to help relieve pressure on ball of foot
  • premium gel cushioning from heet-to-toe

You can customize the size of the insole to fit whatever size shoe you wear, simply cut along the line that matches your shoe size.

Insert the Fab Feet insoles and your feet will feel fabulous!   Whatever you have planned for your day, whether it’s working, sightseeing, chasing the kids or shopping for hours at Target you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable shoes.

Next time you head to Target to pick up some cute dress shoes or booties for fall make sure you also check out the Fab Feet insoles.  They make a Fab Feet shoe insert, pad or cushion for every shoe type or need.   They also have them in several color options to match your shoes.  Don’t forget, they are right there in the same department as the shoes!


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