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Target Christmas Clearance 2020

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The Target Christmas clearance is here! Since this has been such a crazy year we won’t know exactly what to expect in regards of the clearance, but here are the dates the markdowns happened last year which will give us a decent idea of when they may happen this year.

  • 50% off – December 26th
  • 70% off – December 30th
  • 90% off – January 1st

I know that at many of your stores the actual Christmas decorations, trees and ornaments are already gone, but that doesn’t mean there are deals to be had.  There are so many items that are included in the Christmas clearance that aren’t actually Christmas themed.  You can find items that you can use everyday and get them at 70% and 90% off (hopefully, we’ll see 90% off this year).

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are searching for Target Christmas clearance items:

  1. If you truly want to find the best deals you will probably need to walk the entire store.  So many items are in different departments (not just in the back with all the Christmas stuff).  You may find towels in the kitchen department, lip balm in health and beauty and More than Magic gift sets in the girls department (just to name a few).
  2. Don’t always believe the posted signs, use the scanners to check prices.  The holiday clearance items will not have yellow clearance stickers.
  3. Think outside the box!  Small toys that were meant for stocking stuffers will make great Easter basket stuffers.  Look for gift wrap that can be used for birthdays or wedding.

Here is a peek at some of the items that are included in the Christmas clearance this year.  As usual, we will update the list with even more hidden deals throughout the week.  For those of you that are new to Target Christmas clearance shopping, a “hidden deal” is one that doesn’t necessarily look Christmas themed.  The packaging may have snowflakes or trees on it or it may not have any holiday theming at all.  In some cases these items end up back in their respective departments.


There are some great kitchen towels that will work year round.  Also look for aprons for adults and kids and Wilton baking pans and supplies.

Home Decor

Look for throw pillows, throws, frames, vases and more.

Hearth & Hand

Lots of the Hearth and Hand items that were brought in for the holidays are not really Christmas themed at all.  Most of these items went fast, but keep your eyes peeled because I know at least one of my stores got a recent re-stock.


The Scunci hair accessory gift sets and some make-up bags are included in the clearance.


Heath & Beauty

The healthy and beauty department always has some of my favorite clearance deals!  You should be able to find tons of lip care items and gift sets with bath items, hair care and cosmetics.   In most cases you should see some small holiday theming on the packaging (but not always).  If you see a gift set that you think might be included, scan it to check!

More Than Magic

The girls’ department had a special display of More Than Magic gift items and LipSmackers sets.  


FAO Schwarz

It appears as if the FAO Schwarz Toys are included in the Christmas clearance.  I won’t have the chance to scan every single toy to check, so make sure you use the scanners to check the ones you are interested in.

Small Toys 

Look for small toys and small bagged LEGO sets.


Pet Supplies

You can find pet toys and treats.  Most of all of these will have holiday themed packaging.


Don’t forget to check Starbucks!  Lots of the holiday drinkware is included in the clearance.  In most stores you can take the cups to the scanners to check the prices and even buy them at the regular registers.

We love seeing the clearance deals you find! Post them on Instagram and tag @allthingstarget or share on on Facebook page.

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  1. I can’t find a picture but my Target also had some Crest toothpaste and mouthwash in “Candy Cane ” flavor as well as some Oral-B toothbrushes that say “My little toothbrush” for 50% off.

  2. Louisville, KY Targets are scanning 70 and 90 off but signs say 50. Cleared them out of H and H bathroom towels and bath mats. Some of their duvets and comforters at 70…just the all gray ones it seems.

  3. I was SHOCKED to drag myself out of bed early on New Year’s Day not only to find that the Targets in my area had NOT gone 90% off Christmas clearance but that every single Christmas item was gone. It was like Christmas had never even happened! I was a huge fan of Target but with one disappointment after another during the pandemic, I’m done with them.

  4. I too am disappointed that Target did not go 90% off for Christmas clearance. However, as I’m in So Cal, and we are off the charts in our Covid rates, it’s probably a blessing in disguise not to be tempted to run from store to store for the clearance. This year I’ll stay home.

  5. Wanted so badly to shop, but being medically quarantined, I can only do order pickup and they offer zero discount even “ purchasing online”. For gods sake I just wanted to b spark a little joy

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