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DIY Gold “Dipped” Ceramic Ornaments

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I’m still finding plenty of fun Christmas items in Target’s Dollar Spot. It’s exciting to see so many things ready to be personalized. Don’t worry if you’re a “last minute maker” like me. These ornaments are quick to make and don’t require any hard to find supplies.

You’ll need:

Tape above the area you want painted. You’ll want to go all the way around the ornament and match up the points where the tape begins and ends to give you that dipped look.

Give the ornament one coat of paint. Acrylic paint dries fast so it should be ready for a second coat of paint within a few minutes.

After the second coat has dried, peel off the tape. You should have a nice clean line.

Print the text you want to add to the ornament onto a sheet of plain printer paper and cut it out. On the back side of the paper, rub the pencil over the area the printed text covers.

Place the paper on the ceramic ornament with the printed text up. It helps to tape it so it doesn’t move around. Use the pencil to trace along the outside of the printed text.

When you remove the paper you should be able to see the word transferred to your ornament.

Use the fine tipped permanent marker to go over the outline and then fill it in.

Of course, I still love the look of the gold “dipped” ornaments without anything written on them. So pretty!

These make gorgeous gift toppers that can be hung on the tree afterwards. It’s a great way to create personalized ornaments without any fancy machines or exceptional handwriting skills. An easy but still thoughtful gift is always a win in my book.

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