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Gift Ideas with Target Holiday Clearance Deals

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I thought it would be fun to put together a running list of gift ideas or home decor projects I have put together using items from Target holiday or seasonal clearance.  All of the items used in for these gifts or projects were 70-90% off.

I am a big fan of shopping for items BEFORE you need them when you can get them cheap, especially at 90% off.  Shopping this way has saved me a ton of money over the years, but you have to be careful not to over buy.  When shopping the Target seasonal clearance I will buy Easter clearance to save for stocking stuffers at Christmas (note pads, lip balm, etc).  I will buy some of the Christmas clearance to use as gifts throughout the year.   You can find items for birthday treat bags year round.

The holiday/seasonal clearance at Target is awesome!  Many times the items on clearance aren’t even holiday themed, especially during Christmas.  They have furniture and decor collections that are considered part of the holiday clearance and the go 90% off!  My favorite Christmas clearance find was a marble table for only $8.99 (reg $89.99).

Here is generally how the markdowns go for the seasonal/holiday items:

  • 50% off (30% off food) – 1 day after holiday
  • 70% off (50% off food) – 3-4 days after holiday
  • 90% off (70% off food) – 6-7 days after holiday

Here is a peek at some of the items I’ve gifted using the Target 90% off clearance deals.

Makeup Bag Gift

I love using my Cricut machine to dress up Target clearance items to make them a little more personal and special.  I used a cute plant image I got from Etsy to dress up the cute makeup bag that I got for only $.50!  You can get more information on the supplies I used in this post.

Gift Cost $1.50 (reg $10.00)

Baby Gift

This year the Valentine clearance had an abundance of baby clothes and my sister-in-law was having a baby so I shopped the clearance with her in mind.  I picked up the following items in sizes 3 months – 18 months.

Gift cost = $6.28  (reg $62.80)

Gift for Tween

I knew I need a gift for a tween at the beginning of the year, so I kept that in mind while I was shopping the Christmas clearance. I was thrilled that so many of the More Than Magic items were included in the 90% off markdown because they make great gifts for tweens and teens. 

Gift cost = $2.99 (reg $29.99)

Baby Gift

I once again put together another baby gift using Target clearance deals, both 90% holiday clearance and 70% off regular store clearance.  I purchased all of the items above for only $11.55, the original retail price was $49.97.

Gift cost = $11.55 (reg $49.97)

Here are the items I used from 90% off holiday clearance deals:

Here are the items I found at 70% off in the baby department:

  • Carter’s one-piece $2.38 (reg $7.99)
  • Genuine Kids Dress $5.38 (reg $17.99)
  • Cat & Jack shirt $2.10 (reg $7.00)

Baby Gift

I put together a baby gift using mostly items from the 90% off Valentine clearance.  It’s mostly headbands for baby and some bath salts for Mom.  The gift bag is from the Christmas clearance, but I thought the colors were perfect for a baby girl.

Gift Cost = $3.28 (reg $33.20)

Here are all the items I used for this gift.  I bought the place cards with plans to use them as gift tags and they worked perfectly for this gift.  I thought they went really well with the label on the bath salt bottle.

I simply used my paper cutter to cut the place cards in half and then I cut a little extra off one of the sides so it was the perfect size to attach the the bath salts.  I’m super happy with how this gift came together and I’m even happier with the price tag.

Bridal Shower – Kitchen Gift

I was invited to a bridal shower and it had a theme to it, everyone was assigned to a room in the house and your gift had to fit that theme.  As an example, if you had the bathroom you could bring bath towels.   I thought this sounded like fun, until I was given the bedroom.   I pretty much knew the type of gift they were looking for with the bedroom theme.  Luckily, I knew somebody that wanted to buy the bedroom gift so they traded me for the kitchen.  Thanks goodness!  Not only because I didn’t have to buy lingerie for somebody, but also because I happen to have items that I purchased at 90% off that would fit the kitchen theme perfectly.  It gets even better because the person I was buying for is a huge fan of Fixer Upper.   I was able to put this gift together for less than $4!!  Amazing!!

Gift Cost = $3.97 (reg $39.97)

Travel Hammock

It’s time for Christmas gift giving and a few of the items I bought during the Target seasonal clearance will be for Christmas gifts. I found this Travel Hammock during the summer clearance. I bought it at 70% off because I knew it wouldn’t make it to 90% off. I also happened to find some hammock straps during a regular outdoor clearance markdown (it has the yellow clearance sticker). I knew I had the hammock waiting at home to be gifted, so I picked them up. This will be gifted to a teenager this year, and I know they will love it.

Gift Cost = $11.65 (reg $38.98)

Loads of Holiday Wishes Gifts

I’m super happy with how these turned out and I am even more excited that each gift cost me about $1.00.  I bought the green trucks during the Halloween/Fall 90% off  clearance . As soon as I saw them I knew what I how I would be using them.

Gift cost = $1.00 (reg $3.70)

You can find all the details on how quick and easy this Loads of Holiday Wishes gift was to put together.

Baby Gift

I recently attended a baby shower and I added this 11-piece toy set to a group gift we were putting together.   I picked this up during the Christmas clearance when it went 90% off.   I also contributed to a gift card, but this portion of the gift was only $1.99 (reg $19.99).

Gift Cost – $1.99 (reg $19.99)

Water Bottles – Gift for Seniors

We had a grad party for the seniors in our church ward. The girls received the Cheeky water bottles that I got on clearance at Target during the Christmas clearance.  These were only $2.99.

Gift Cost – $2.99 (reg $29.99)

  • Cheeky Water Bottle $2.99 (reg $29.99) – 90% off Christmas clearance
  • Baker’s Twine $.10 (reg $1.00)90% off summer clearance

Since this was a church related graduation party we had a spiritual theme to the gifts.  I made these gift tags to attach the water bottles and attached them with my 90% off baker’s twine.

Make-Up Brushes, Wrapping Paper & Card

My teenage daughter has a friends birthday coming up so of course she raided my gift closet of 90% off deals. She went with this make-up brush set that I got for only $1.99 (reg. $19.99). She’ll be wrapping it in the fun macaroon paper I also got at 90% off.

Gift Cost = $2.06 (reg $20.50)

Here is the gift all wrapped up.  She plans to use one of the note cards I picked up at 90% off also.  The pack of notecards was only $.10, so that makes each card only $.01 each.

Water Bottle & Gift Bag

I was able to put together this water bottle in a gift bag for only $2.49.  Both of these items were 90% off during the Christmas clearance.

Gift Cost = $2.49 (reg 24.99)

The gift bag was neutral, but the tag was Christmas themed.   I just removed the tag and it was perfect!   I always keep an eye out for gift bags or wrapping paper that can be used year round.

Make-Up Bag & Cosmetics

I like when I find make-up bags at 90% off, because they make great gift for teens. You can often find lip balm as part of the seasonal clearance too. Plus, make-up is easy to find cheap with the help of coupons.  Picking these up when they are 90% off and having them on hand before I need them is a huge money saver for me.

Gift Cost = $3.33 (reg $18.98)

I bought the bag and the brush for $.50 each.   To make it a little more personal and dress it up a bit, I added and iron-on with the help of my Cricut Explore Air.

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  1. I’ve been following your Target blog and get so excited by the clearance deals you publish. However, when I
    visit my local store, I find only a fraction of the deals that you highlight. Also, I noticed that the percentages are often different. You might show a 50% off deal and my local store will have the same items at only 30% off. I realize there is a wide variety of individual store merchandise and pricing possible. Is it possible to purchase some of these good deals online? Our stores Dollar Spots is also is small and pretty pathetic.

  2. You are inspiring! Both creatively and with the amount of time you spend hunting down all the bargains.!

    Thank you for sharing them with us!

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