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Readers Target Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

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Once again we are sharing some readers Target shopping trips and clearance finds! We totally enjoy seeing all the fantastic deals you all are able to find at your Target stores. Please, keep those pictures coming!


I love the extras Brooke added to her 70% off patio set find, it looks great!


Chad found two outdoor lounge chairs for only $47.70 (reg 159.00), that’s 70% off!


Heather got a sweet deal on this Simply Shabby Chic comforter set, it was 70% off.


Melissa walked away with some awesome One Spot items that were all 70% off. Her grand total came to just $5.74!


Lihn was able to scoop up a bunch of party favors at 70% off from her Target’s One Spot section.


Stephanie from Surviving as a Mom found a nice selection of items on clearance for 30-70% off.


Lisa hit the jack pot with this ERGObaby carrier that was marked down to 50% off. She paid only $60 (reg $120.00).


I am super jealous of Kilty’s 50% off LEGO finds. She totally scored!


Lihn’s store had a ton of women’s jeans at 50% off, which made them only $13 each. Great price for a pair of jeans.


Check out Kristin’s awesome Target haul, she got all of this for only $76.


Amber got a nice surprise when this big cooler rang up at 50% off.


Stephanie got a super deal on the BIG bottles of Pantene, she scored 5 bottles for only $9.24.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Summer seasonal clearance. My store has been at 50% since Wednesday. Not sure when it started. Hoping for it to be at 70% today. There’s not much left but hope to get that cooler and inflatables/pools for my toddlers. The ‘hidden’ finds i found were the 3 pk up and up spray sunscreens. There’s a blue pack and and orange pack. I couldn’t find any coppertone that scanned. Also market pantry summer fruit snacks 18 pack. And summer Glad containers. I couldn’t find any that scanned clearance of water blasters, bubbles, banzai slides, up and up plates, hoses, foil, goldfish. The beach towels have a cartwheel of 15%. I stocked as part of xmas gift bags for the older children who don’t do toys anymore. Was thinking of adding in the sunscreen with the gift but read only bad reviews (staining, sunburn). Any of you have good reviews on the up and up spray spf 15? The fruit snacks have a 5% CW. Also the up and up star napkins and plates/bowls that are normal red sticker have CW.

  2. I went to my Target today an the one spot HK items with the cross on the back exactly like the ones pictured rang up full price? 🙁

  3. when do you think the summer clearance go to 90% off. And does the outdoor furniture go to 90% off?

    1. No, the outdoor furniture will only go to 70% off. We should see 90% off happen in the next day or two.

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