Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is a peek at the clearance deals I spotted at my Target store here in the PNW. Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location.

Most of the Magnolia Hearth & Hand clearance is still 50% off, but I did find these marked down to 70% off.

Wall decor set was 70% off.

I found some 70% off markdowns in electronics.

There is a lot of clearance clothing in the kids department, most was 50% off, but I found this cute boys shirt at 70% off.

This was also 70% off.

Batman Crime Fighter shirt was 50% off.

There is a bunch of cute kids shoes marked down to 50% off.

These See Kai Run shoes were 50% off, only $14.98.

I did find a random pair or two at 70% off.

There were a few women’s shoes at 50% off too.

Clearance cosmetics and beauty products were mostly down to 50% off.

I love the EcoTools brand and these were 30% off.   I’m a clearance kind of girl for sure, but I would pay full price for these brushes.  

The super cool looking Snap Basket Luxe Tote and Laundry Basket are 30% off.

How pretty are these similar portable hampers from Threshhold, also on clearance for 30% off.

My store had a bunch of paper good marked down.  If you are needing items for your summer get togethers keep an eye on these.  Most things were only 15% off, but we will see them go lower as the weeks go by.  The markdown isn’t steep enough for stocking up yet in my opinion, but I’m hoping to find some at 50-70% off.  My guess is they won’t last too long once they hit 50% off.

Lots of Bounty on clearance, these will probably be gone before they hit 50% off.

Sadly, the Dollar Spot clearance has been salvaged now.  If you see any items, the Target employees will probably tell you they can’t sell it to you (which is what they are supposed to do).

It’s kind of a bummer it was salvaged, because I found this cute donut backpack.

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    1. what does that mean salvaged? Does that mean throw them away or donate them, to charity? I have seen many with stickers on them at Goodwill. I was told by a Goodwil employee. Are they doing this from now on? Or are they going to clearance them out first for customers?

      1. Salvaged means they are taken off the floor and donated to places like Goodwill. They have been doing this for years. They always clearance them out first,

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