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Target Christmas Clearance now 70% off!

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christmas target 70 off

Yes! It’s the day we have been waiting for (minus the days the Christmas items go 90% off and the toys go 70% off)!   The Target Christmas clearance has now been marked down to 70% off at many stores. Food has remained at 50% off.

If the signs at your store still say 50% off scan a few items just to double check. Many people are reporting that the markdown has taken place but the signs have not been changed.   There is a chance that not all stores will go 70% off today.    If your store is still at 50% off there is a very good chance that the markdown will take place tomorrow Wednesday, January 31st.

Make sure you scope out the regular aisles too, sometimes items will get put in their respective departments. Make sure you check this post for clearance items as well as this readers finds post to know some things to watch for. I am working on compiling a list of all the hidden deals so you will have them all in one convenient place. Happy shopping.

Thanks Celeste for the photo!

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  1. Still at 50/50 in Glendale Heights, IL! Stinks cause I had the day of and was ready to go today. Although I’d really like to hold out till 90!

  2. Are u located in Vegas? I called my north LV target and they said it’s still 50/50 although now I’m wondering if they’re mistaken… Anyone know?

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