What to Expect at Target in July (2012)

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I thought it would be helpful to let you know at the beginning of each month what kinds of deals you will want to watch for at Target.    July is a BIG month for deals!   Here are some of the sales and clearance deals you can expect to find at Target in July.

The BIGGEST deal at Target in July is probably the 70% off toy clearance.   Toward the end of July they markdown a nice selection of clearance toys to 70% off. They do this in order to make room for the new toys that are coming in for the holiday season.   You can learn more about the Target 70% off toy clearance HERE.   Last year the markdown took place around July 27th and 28th, this will give us a good idea of when the markdown may take place this year.

Remember, most stores markdown their toys on Thursdays, so that is the day the markdown will probably take place.   I do know of some stores that do the markdown on Wednesdays, so there is a chance that your store will do the markdown on Wednesday.   There is no guarantee which day it will happen, it’s just kind of a “wait and see” kind of thing.    I will be posting lots of information regarding the clearance sale throughout July, so you can keep informed. Make sure you “like” All Things Target on Facebook to stay up-to-date on this big sale. I can post directly to the Facebook page while I am at Target, so Facebook fans may get the news first!

Another great section that goes on clearance is the summer section.   All of the items they brought in for summer will get marked down in July.   These items will go as low as 90% off!!   I have a post coming soon highlighting some of the great items you can find in this section.   Here are the days the markdowns took place last year (just to give you an idea of when they may happen this year:

  • 50% off happened around July 13, 2011
  • 75% off (now only 70% off) happened around July 17-19, 2011
  • 90% off happened around July 19-21, 2011

July is also a great time to buy school supplies. I noticed the school supplies already being stocked at one of my stores.   We should see some great sales as well as coupons for school supplies that can translate for FREE items.   Last year we saw FREE pens, Scotch tape, Sharpies, highlighters and more.   You will want to do all of your school shopping in July!

The remaining patio furniture should be marked down to 70% off sometime in July if it hasn’t already gone 70% off at your store.

You should also watch for the the following clearance deals:

  • Clearance shoes possibly to 70% off
  • Baby Clearance (car seats, etc) possibly to 50% off

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  1. I was at a target in Huntsville AL last night right before closing and they were putting up 70% off signs, not all items are at 70% but I figure everything that has been 50% for a few weeks will be 70%.

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