What to Expect at Target in June

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We finally made it to June! At the start of each month I like to share with you what clearance deals, events and other great deals you can expect to find at Target. Here are the things that are happening at Target for the month of June.

Calling all Toy Story fans! Target will be hosting a FREE Toy Story 4 event on Saturday, June 29th, from 11-1 pm. Kids will be able to view a fun demo of new interactive Toy Story toys, enjoy giveaways and more.  To find out if your store is participating, simply click HERE.

Lots of departments start their clearance in June, many of these items will see hit 70% off in July.

Furniture Clearance – Target usually marks down quite a bit of furniture in June. We should see many of the pieces marked down to 50-70% off sometime this month.

Patio Furniture Clearance – Towards the middle and end of the month we should see the patio furniture go on clearance. It’s usually around the last week of the month when se see items finally hit 50-70% off.

Toy Clearance – Towards the middle of June we should see a larger amount of toys on clearance for 30% off, which will lead up to the BIG 70% off toy clearance that happens in July. If you aren’t familiar with the toy clearance that happens at Target in January and July, you will want to read these posts to get yourself up to speed.

This is not an advertised sale, they just happen to clear our a larger amount of the department in order to make room for all of the fall/holiday toys that will be hitting the shelves.  The 70% off markdown should happen towards the end up July.

Baby Markdowns – Last year we saw quite a few car seats, high chairs and more start to be marked down in June. I am thinking we should see that same thing happen this year. We probably won’t see huge markdowns during this month, they will most likely only start out around 15% off.

Of course we will see clearance all throughout the store, but these departments have a larger amount of clearance than normal.

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