What to Expect at Target in February (90% off Valentine’s and more)

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Here are the new products and clearance deals and more you can expect to find at your Target store in February!

Valentine Clearance: The Valentine items should go 50% off on February 15th (candy and food items will only 30% off). Eventually, the items will get marked down to 70% off and then 90% off.  Make sure you take a good look at all of the items, there are some items that would be great as Easter Basket stuffers.  You can take a peek at what I picked up at during the 90% off Valentine clearance last year.  As a reference, here are the dates the clearance items were marked down last year (I can’t guarantee it will happen on the same days this year, but it gives us a good idea of when it might happen):

  • 50% off ~ February 15th
  • 70% off ~ February 18th
  • 90% off ~ February 19th

Don’t forget!  The holiday clearance won’t include only the Valentine items in the holiday section, there will be clothing, home decor, kitchen items and beauty too!  Here are some of the home and kitchen items that should be included in the Valentine clearance this year:

Valentine Dollar Spot Clearance and New Spring and Easter items:  The Valentine clearance will include some items from the Dollar Spot.  A lot of times these items are moved back with the Valentine clearance so they can stock the new Easter and Spring items (I can’t wait to see what fun new stuff there will be)!  I love the pretty colors for spring! 

Kitchen Clearance:  We should see an abundance of kitchen clearance this month.   Target is always really slow when it comes to marking down the kitchen items, they tend to leave the items at 30% off for what seems like forever.  Hopefully we should see items go 70% off towards the end of the month.

Bedding Clearance:   We should also see lots of bedding get marked down to 70% off sometime in February.   They are clearing out the old to bring in the new fun prints for Spring and Summer.  

Women’s Accessories:   Women’s accessories is another department where we will see an abundance of clearance.   Once again, they are clearing things out to bring in the items for the next season.  My store currently has racks filled with clearance handbags, jewelry, belts, hair accessories & more.

Frames, Artwork & Mirrors:  There were recently new markdowns in these departments, so I am not certain they will go 70% off this month, but they should go to 50% off for sure.  I love decorating my home with items I find at 70% off at Target.   Lots of great items, so keep an eye on them!

Clothing Clearance:  We should continue to see lots of the clothing in every department marked down from 30-70% off.

Black History Month: Target has items in-store and online celebrating Black History Month.  Check out the limited time collection online at Target.com.

New for Spring: There are so many new products at Target right now!    There is new home decor, beauty brands, and swimsuits are in-stock.   The new shoes for spring are making an appearance too! Take a stroll through every department, so many fun new things!

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  1. Can someone please get that model a hairbrush? And maybe a babywipe for her raccoon eyes? Do these designers actually bring people in to Target ? I personally only pick them up after 50% and then only certain things but I am not a name brand kinda girl. Never heard of this one either.

  2. Northeast ohio targets have kitchen stuff all at 50 percent off and some at 70. I’ve noticed that our kitchen markdowns seem to happen before yours but pretty much everything else is a little slower than yours especially bedding! It’s at 30 forever. 🙁

  3. Are there usually any toys on clearance? Nothing major like the one in January and July but still some clearance? Thank you

  4. I am torn about buying an entryway bench…it is not on sale, but I can save 10% with a promo code. Any idea if they’ll offer better sales soon because of Valentine’s Day and President’s Day? Thanks!

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  7. Candy is still only 30% off at target right now for Valentine’s Day at least the stores in the New England region are

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