What to Expect at Target in August

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Here are the sales and clearance deals you may find at Target stores in August:

70% off Toy Clearance – Since the BIG 70% off toy markdown didn’t happen the last Thursday in July like previous years I am guessing most of us will see the markdown happening this Thursday, August 1st.   There is still a chance that they will only mark down some of the items an not all of the clearance items.   Items like LEGO and Barbie also sometimes take longer to get marked down.   Here is more information regarding the toy clearance if you are new:

School Supplies Sales – The back-to-school sales will continue through the month of August, we should see a couple more weeks of some great sale prices and hopefully some coupon match-ups too.   This year Target is bring us lower prices all season long on select back-to-school items.

Clothing Sales & Clearance – Target will be clearing out the remainder of the summer clothing, so August will be a big month for clearance deal when it comes to clothing.  Keep an eye on those clearance racks, we should see lots of items go 70% off this month.  Since they are clearing out the old, they will be bringing in the new.  We can expect to see lots of great back-to-school sales on clothing.

Pools & Pool Equipment Clearance – The pools and outdoor summer toys should start to go on clearance this month.   By the end of the month they usually reach 50% off.  They may even go to 70% off at the end of August, but that markdown usually happens the first part of September.

Women’s Accessories Clearance – The women’s accessories are already on clearance at most stores.   Just like clothing, they are clearing out the summer styles to make way for the new fall merchandise.   We should see all of the following items go 70% off sometime in the month of August:

  • Purses
  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Umbrellas
  • and more

Fall Dollar Spot items   – Towards the end of the month we should see new items being stocked in Bullseye’s Playground for fall.   I can’t wait to see what new items they bring in.

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  1. Do you happen to know typically what time of day the toy markdowns happen? Right away in the morning or as the employees have time during the day? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Jodi,

      I’ve added a couple links to the post that will be helpful. To answer your question, it really varies from store to store when the markdown will take place. Some stores will have everything marked down when the doors open while others will be working on the markdowns while people shop. In most cases the markdown happens in the morning, but there are been a few instances where it happened in the middle of the day. In all my years shopping this sale, the markdown is usually happening when the doors open. Hope that helps!

        1. When I have shopped the sale for a charity, the markdowns are in the system but the clearance tag has not been printed. An associate can help you with pricing

  2. My store in PA had a completely empty aisle last night around 10pm so I definitely think the clearance is today.

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