Target: Summer Items Now 50% off?? (70% and 90% off coming soon)

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I have heard from a couple of people that the summer items have now been marked down to 50% off at their stores.   You can view this post to get an idea of all the fun things you can find in this section.

Now would be a great time to pick up any of the Glad plastic items, they usually don’t last long enough to make it to the 70% off markdown.   Please keep in mind that clearance will vary by store, but I did want to give you a head up that there are a few stores that have marked them down to 50% off.    Let us know if you find 50% off at your store too.

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  1. @Arica I don’t believe the summer items found in-store are available online, Also, prices online at Target.com vary from those in-store so even if they did carry the items online, they probably wouldn’t be the same price.

  2. The lynnwood, wa Target waS 50% today. I didn’t check Northgate but it’s normally the same there.

  3. I found 50% off today in San Jose CA. It wasn’t all of the summer stuff though — the coolers and kids mesh chairs were not marked down at all.

  4. @lola and Michelle They usually stay at 50% off for 4-5 days. I am guessing the 70% off markdown can happen as early as Saturday, but more likely it will happen on Sunday or Monday. I will be sure to post as soon as I hear, so you won’t miss it.

  5. I got the kids mesh chairs I was stalking for 70% off today. The signs still said 50% and it was pretty cleared out.

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