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More Readers’ 90% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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We are sharing even MORE photos of reader’s 90% off Christmas clearance deals! We are simply blown away by all of the amazing deals you found!


Leah hit the jackpot with all of her furniture finds!


Check out this really neat bench Suezanne picked up, it was only $9.99 (reg $99.99).  SCORE!!!


Pam was thrilled with all of her fuzzy and cozy pillows she found. She also added a few Nate Berkus items to her cart.



Here are Kim’s favorite 90% off finds, these were only $9.99 and $8.99!


Gustavo found so many interesting things, trays, decor and more.


Alaina picked up a bunch of stools and end tables.


Tracy paid $213 w/tax for everything! How cool is that gold swan?


Jess randomly found this cool Block Stacking Game on an end cap in the toy aisle.  It was priced around $6.00 (reg $59.99).  Amazing!


Totally jealous with all of the Hand Made Modern items Baleigh picked up.  She found all of these items in the school/office section at her store.


Rebecca’s first 90% off find for the day was these Strabucks Peppermint Hot Cocoa packs, these were only $.37 each.  She also scooped up a Sharper Image 3-piece skin revitalizer set, serving tray and a Burt’s Bee lip balm pictured below.



Star Wars fans check out the cool stockings and ornaments Shannon found.  Below are some other clearance items she scored.




Mary came across this water bottle in the sporting good department, it was only $1.99 (reg $19.99).


I bet these Pumpkin & Spice and Cinnamon & Spice candles Holly found smell good, these were $.79 and $1.50!


Woah! Ally brought home a huge variety of items, many of these I haven’t seen before.


Heather was tickled with her 90% off items.  Plus, she only paid $51 for the Christmas Tree!  NICE!


Here is a look at Crissy’s goodies.  I would have loved to have found some elf clothes for our elf on the shelf.


Karissa got this table for only $7 (reg $70) WOW!  Check out the other neat items she picked up below.





Diana has a great outlook on the Christmas clearance, even though her store was really picked over she took her time and came home with some really great stuff!

We have had a blast looking at all of your fantastic clearance deals you have shared with us! Feel free to share any photos you may have with us any of the following ways:

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  1. At my store, NONE of the items featured in this article sold at 90% off. The only things that were marked down to 90% were Christmas electrical items, like lights. Nothing else was 90%. It was also not getting marked down to 90%. 75% was the lowest clearance price for seasonal. The article states all those items guest got for the 90%. It either means 1 of 2 things happened. Either the guests got irate because they misread the sale signs and thought all seasonal was 90% off and demanded price changes at the register. This has been happening all the time at my Target. Guests simply are misunderstanding the signs, or not bothering to read the fact that the signs state SELECT seasonal merchandise 90% off. Or, 2. Not all stores are marking seasonal items down to 90% off, which wouldn’t make any sense.

    1. I’ve been doing the target clearance circuit for several years and consider myself pretty much an expert. Check an additional target or scan everything. 75% off is a strange (almost unheard of) discount these days. None of these would be items with red stickers – it is a system wide discount only used for holiday and/or summer merchandise reductions.

    2. My target has them all 90 off and same items shown. I’m in Colorado. I went to two targets and all 90 off. They don’t have tags and it’s as simple as scanning the item to see. They are found in many departments. Try again because every target should be doing this.

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