Seattle’s City Target scheduled to open July 29th

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For those of you that live in the city, Target will be opening it’s City Target Seattle location on July 29th.   The store is located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Pike Street in Downtown Seattle.

The store will  have 3 levels and will be a smaller version of their normal Target stores, selling such items at groceries, clothing, home goods and more.

Along with the Seattle location you can find City Target locations in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (October 2012).    There is also a Portland City Target location coming in Spring 2013.

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  1. 3 levels is SMALLER than their regular ones?! I live in Texas and I’ve never seen a Target more than one level… Maybe ours are wider?

    1. I’m sure each level will be much smaller than a 1 story Target since in all major cities there is less room to build out, so you have to build up.

      1. They bought a remainded building in Seattle, that’s why it’s smaller. The first floor is also part of the way underground because they’re on a hill. I work at a Target in the area and I’m excited for the City Target to open!

    2. Texans build out not up from what I hear lol, but yes, its smaller on each level than a normal Target store. I’m going to be working there and even though smaller when you put it all together it’s still pretty decently sized, it’s going to be pretty awesome 🙂

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