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Is it Worth Shopping a Day to Two after the 90% off Markdown

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A couple of questions I get asked a lot is, “Is it is worth a trip to Target the day after the 90% off holiday markdown has happened?”  “Will there be any clearance left?”  The answer is YES, a trip to Target is always good!  Seriously though, here are some thoughts on whether or not a trip to Target a day or two after the markdown is worth your time.

If your Target is far away, it’s probably not worth a special trip.  If you are driving by a Target and have some free time, by all means stop and look around.  If you have a bunch of little kids you have to bring along, I’d save your Target clearance shopping for the really good clearance days coming up.

There will still be some deals to find and here are the reasons why:

  • People return stuff.
  • Some of the deals are “hidden” and been returned to their respective departments. (I will share examples of this below).
  • On a few occasions Target has been known to restock the Christmas items when the markdowns have already taken place.

I stopped by one of my Target stores and these were the items I found in the middle of the day the day AFTER the 90% off markdown took place.

I found these cute pajamas for $1.69 in the Christmas clearance section.   I knew there was Maybelline mascara on clearance so I checked the regular make-up aisle and sure enough these bonus packs were in the aisle with all the other Maybelline mascara.   I knew people were finding the Wet brushes so I checked the brush aisle and looked for any of the brushed with the metallic finish, I found two.   I found the boys boxer briefs on an end cap near a scanner.   The scanners are also great places to check because sometimes people don’t want to walk stuff back where they found it and they just leave it by the scanner.  It seems weird that people would scan an item they are interested in, find out it 90% off and then leave it behind, but it does happen.

I found the Santa Stops Here sign in the Christmas clearance, it was only $1.50.  I also picked up the gift bag in the Christmas department.   The print on it is perfect for everyday use.  It is the perfect size for the water bottles I plan on gifting.   Lastly, I found the Sugar Paper gift wrap on a random shelf in the bedding department.  I’m kind of excited about this one, because wrapping paper was the one item I wasn’t really able to find at 90% off and this print can be used year round or for Christmas.

My all-time favorite find after the Christmas clearance was this marble table.  I got it for only $8.99 and it was found 2 days after the 90% off markdown happened.  Furniture is one of the items that I think gets returned more frequently than other items.

I’d love to hear about your favorite items you’ve found a day or two after the big markdown took place.    Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. I agree!! This is day 4 of 90% off for me and I have been to the store now 4 times, two times today. Of course I couldn’t find anything more that was posted and shared but I did manage to remember to buy the Pom Pom Star Wars hats and the baseball cap Star Wars hat. My son hates wearing caps but for $0.50, I can deal with it.

    I also got the junk food shirt and emoji sweater in my daughter’s size. Other than clothing, there were a two ornaments my kids wanted and that was it. The people in this area picked it entirely clean of stuff. I left a lot of water bottles the other day and they were all gone including the damaged one.

    I fully support going back and seeing what’s left after 3 days. It’s not going to be as much as the first day but I found it too crazy with shoppers to even look for what I needed. Sometimes, it’s also a way to keep me from spending too much money.

  2. When things go to 70 or 90 percent, I find a lot of great things by the scanners. Our Target does not seem to clean up the scanner areas each day, so things are left there from when items scanned 30% or 50% and people didn’t want them and didn’t walk them back to the clearance area. I find stuff on scanners quite far away from the clearance area since there are lines at the scanners during the Christmas clearance and people walk to other ones to scan.

  3. QMy daughter and I went to our local Target on January 1st, all of the Christmas shelves were empty. We asked the employees and were told everything had been taken to the storage area in back that morning. Other people in the store were also wondering where all the Christmas clearance merchandise was. After scouring the entire store, in the party favor section I found two canisters of New Years poppers that scanned at full price.

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