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Target: Readers 90% off Easter Shopping Trips

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I mentioned yesterday on Facebook that lots of people had mentioned their stores went to 90% off on the Easter clearance.    I had a couple readers share their great finds on the Facebook  page, so I thought I would share them here in case you missed them.

Nicole was able to get all of this for around $43. Wow! I am totally impressed with the amount of items they had left at her store.

Sara shared these super cute baskets that she was able to pick up for only $1.50, they were regularly $15.    I like to pick up baskets when they are super cheap like this, because they work great for gifts or even for organization around your home.

M Cong picked up all of these items at 90% off.

They also shared a photo of all the plastic Easter Eggs that were left at the Pasadena, California store. If your store didn’t have any eggs left, you now know where you can find some. Road trip!

Plus, check out all the candy and food left at her store. WOWSERS! It was only ringing up at 50% off, she even scanned to make sure.

Wendy put together this Hello Kitty gift with items she found on clearance for 70-90% off.    Awesome!

I’d love to hear about your favorite find from the Easter clearance.

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  1. They must ship some clearance items to other stores. I went to my Target (central coast of CA) the Monday morning after Easter and there was not a single easter egg or any easter grass left. There were very few baskets as well. When I see that picture of the Pasadena store, I think all of our eggs ended up there! Although I don’t know why they would bother with that…

  2. My local Target just removed the easter section 1 day after it went to 70% off.. It didn’t even make it to 90%… and no hidden Finds… sad 🙁

  3. My son LOVES Dora!! We got a lot of the Dora balls and jump rope and were going to do a Dora themed birthday party this year

  4. I think I should mention that all the stuff in that third picture was 50 cents or less! Including the Nordic ware stuff. I got multiples of many of these items as well. The whisk is an especially great find now that I’ve seen how people use it for egg dying! I also found some lego chima packs for 39 cents in the lego aisle (look at the racks on the end caps) and in the impulse by the checkout.

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