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Target Christmas Clearance 50% off

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The Target Christmas clearance has started! You should find the Christmas items marked down to 50% off today. Food and candy items will probably only be at 30% off. The holiday items get marked down to 50%, 70% and 90% off. I generally try to not buy anything until the 70% off markdown, but I really try to hold out to 90% off. I personally like to buy Christmas paper for next year, but I only buy that at 90% off.

Here are the days the markdowns took place last year. I can’t guarantee they will happened the exact same days this year, but it does give us a general idea of when the markdowns may happen.

  • 50% off (food 30% off) = December 25th
  • 70% off (food 50% off) = December 29th & 30th
  • 90% off (food 70% off) = January 3rd & 4th

There are so many items that can be used year round and not just for Christmas. This is a great time to stock up on items for birthday treat bags. I like to buy small toys to go into Easter baskets with the Christmas clearance too. Heck, I’ll even buy items for next years stocking.

Here is a peek at some of the items you may find:

cc diapers

Christmas themed diapers and wipes should ring up at 50% off. There is a chance they will move these to the baby department and mark them down differently. Grab a package and use the scanner to see what they ring up at.

cc clear cups

There was a lot of plastic tableware in the Christmas section which had this Up & Up packaging, keep an eye out for these and see if they ring up at 50% off.

cc ziploc

There are always the Ziplock and Glad containers to watch for, these will be $1.50 at 50% off.

cc glad cling wrap

Red Glad cling wrap should be 50% off.

cc reynolds foil

cc parchment

Look for Reynolds Wrap with Christmas packaging as well as Parchment Paper too.

cc barbie

These Barbie dolls were found in the Christmas section at my store.

cc duplo

These cute Duple apples would make great Easter basket stuffers.

cc mlp

These My Little Pony sets are Christmas themed at all.

cc chapstick

These Chapstick tins are part of the Christmas clearance.

cc eos

cc burts bees

These EOS, Burt’s Bees and Vaseline lip balms will also be marked down.

cc glasses

Watch for these 4-packs of Reserve glasses.

cc character glasses 1999

In years past, these character glasses have always been part of the Christmas clearance. The regular retail price on these is $19.99.

cc facial tissue

cc tissue more

cc tissue

There are quite a few different facial tissues that should be marked down.

cc luggage tags

These character luggage tags were also found in the Christmas section.

cc food

cc food 2

cc food 3

There is no guarantee that these items will be part of the Christmas clearance, but you will want to keep an eye out for boxes that have winter or Christmas themes.

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  1. Seriously, I show up five minutes after the store opens and some ladies had already filled their cart with the ziplock bags! I went right next door to Wal-Mart and snagged the ziplock bags, which were $1.34 and plentiful. If you guys are coupon clippers, there should be a few $1 off the ziplock bags or containers. Use them! I paid $1.98 for two ziplock containers using the coupon from the Sunday paper.

  2. Delita

    The ziplock bags are only a deal at 70 and 90 off anyway! At 50…they are $0.15 each, at 70….$0.06 each, and at 90…..$0.02 each. If u go to Costco, u can get the same size bag with no holiday print for $0.05 each at regular price. Unless those ladies were specifically looking for holiday prints, they didn’t score much ( they thought they did!). On the other hand, the diapers and paper napkins were a steal at 50. I didn’t get the diapers though.
    Good luck at 70 off…this is when the real savings come!

  3. I picked up the MLP Pop Ponies and scanned them, because they were in the 50% off stocking stuffer section. They scanned at regular price. However, I asked a lady about it and she said she’d give them to me for 50% off, but they were in the wrong place and shouldn’t be there. I know they’ve been there all season, as my daughter bought one full price the other day. Anyway, be sure to check your receipts!

  4. I bought an elf on the shelf half off today. I know some people found better deals last year but I’ve never seen these discounted at our location before.

  5. Christmas 50/30 off here in So. FL. Checked on the dollar spot and was surprised to see all Christmas packed up and new stuff being put out. Asked about it and they said they boxed it up and it will salvage tomorrow. Funny, because yesterday I was there and Christmas dollar spot was ringing 30% off. Just when I think I have them figured out….something changes.

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