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Readers 50% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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Here is a peek at some of the 50% off Christmas clearance deals people are finding at their Target stores.

tcc diapers

Readers Krilicam found these holiday diapers and wipes at 50% off. The diapers are ringing up at $3.49 and the wipes are $.75.

tcc eos

Annaleis stocked up on these eos 3-pack of lip balm for only $3.99 (reg $7.99).

tcc elf on shelf

Annaleis also picked up these Elf on the Shelf items at 50% off.

tcc ryann

Ryan picked up the basics like tissue and plastic wrap.

tcc matching

Bethany found this cute Paw Patrol matching game in the Christmas stocking stuffer section for only $2.49.

tcc linh

Check out all the items Linh picked up at 50% off. She found lots of the Glad and Ziplock items that don’t usually last very long.

We’d love to see what great deals you are finding too. You can share your shopping trips the following ways:

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