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Hidden Target Christmas Clearance Finds

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Here are some items that are part of the Christmas clearance that you may not think to look for or that may have been put back into their respective departments. Most of these items should now be ringing up at 50% off. If you know of more items, please leave a comment or email me a photo at [email protected]. You are more then welcome to post directly to the All Things Target Facebook page too.

I will be adding and updating this list as more hidden deals are found!

gift wrap

Gift wrap Essentials packs are ringing up on clearance as well as some Scotch tape.

color cube

Melissa let me know that she found these Crayola Color Cubes ringing up with the Christmas clearance. You will want to check for boxes with purple bows on the top. I can’t guarantee that you will find the same at your store, but it is worth checking!

lefo friends

LEGO Friends bagged set is ringing up at only $1.19 at 70% off (Thanks Sarah!)


These character phones would be great Easter basket stuffers. (Thanks Amy!)


Boys and girls PJs with different characters were brought in for Christmas, the regular price on these is only $5. These rang up at only $1.50 at 70% off. WOW! (Thanks Sarah!)

bath poufs

Check for these bath poufs both in the Christmas and the bath/soap aisle. You will want the ones with snowflakes attached to them (Thanks Amy!)

girls 3 pack underwear

Keep an eye out for girls 3-pack character underwear, this are currently ringing up at $1.79.   (Thanks Rosemary!)

toothbrush 1

toothbrush 2

Check the Christmas and dental section for these Spinbrush toothbrushes.  They all should be ringing up on clearance.

cc clear cups

There was a lot of plastic tableware in the Christmas section which had this Up & Up purple packaging.   When I was at my Target yesterday, I found that some of these were put back into the plasticware section but were ringing up at the clearance price.

cookie sheet Jessica

Jessica found these 2 piece cookie sheets ringing up at the clearance price.

starbucks clearance

Check the Starbucks holiday coffees, they have been found at 70% off too.   (Thanks Julianne)

charackter glasses

These 4-packs of character glasses can often be found back in the kitchen department, but they are definitely part of the Christmas clearance (Thanks Jessica)

cc chapstick

cc eos

cc burts bees

tcc eos

All of these different lip balms should be ringing up at 70% off.     There is also a 3-pack of Vaseline lip balms to watch for too.

tcc diapers
Watch for these these holiday diapers and wipes. Diapers are regularly $6.99 and wipes are regularly $1.49. (Thanks Krilicam)


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  1. I was at the S. Asheville, NC Target last night. Supposedly about an hour after Denzel Washington was there!! But onto Christmas clearance… I found gingerbread house decorated Up & Up facial tissue for 50% off. I always stock up on kleenex after Christmas! It appears stuff went really fast this year, or they shipped it back to their warehouses. The Dollar Spot did not have signs for clearance. Our food/Christmas items were all 50% off.

  2. We found glad plastic wrap – cling and regular. The regular was red in color, cling had snowflakes but they were 1.49 each on clearance and I had $1.00 off two glad products. Great deal! They also had ziploc food storage containers for 1.49 each and I had a $1.00 off two coupon. They also had two packs of Puffs kleenix and I saw a new coupon for 25 cents off. If you like the Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes) cake mixes they were half off – they are a ridiculous price in the grocery store so if you want to try one this would be the time!

  3. The PJs were $1.50 a week before Christmas so there are probably not many left. At our store, they were with the other pajamas in the clothing section.

  4. The boys’ Christmas t-shirts are ringing up at $2.70 each. They have minions, the grinch, and snoopy. There is nothing showing they are marked down, and they have $9 price tags on them, but since they are Christmas-themed shirts, they must be part of the sale.

  5. I’ve been at my local Target everyday since the day after Christmas. I have purchased over $2,000(Target price) in Christmas goodies for under $250out of pocket. I have gotten everything from diapers and wipes to cake stands and wreaths to ornaments and Elf On The Shelf. Toothbrushes, baby clothes and bows, wrapping paper, cards, storage buckets to dishes. I LOVE BARGIN HUNTING!!

  6. Just a little fun fact too:
    Just because the sign says its 50% off doesn’t always mean that it is.
    Today or had the sign up for 50% off but when I checked the price at one of those machines throughout the store it rang up 70% off 🙂

    1. I carry some sample barcodes with me and scan them as soon as I enter the store. That way, I know whether I need to RUN to the clearance or if I can take my time or even leave. Lol!

      1. Good lord, that’s an awesome idea! I tend to fall facefirst into the clearance but this could totally spare me! Thanks for the tip!

      2. How do you do that, get the sample of the barcode? This would save me so much walking especially when my sciatic pain is acting up.

  7. our target is still holding at 50 percent off … i even scanned things…there is so much stuff left most of it just tossed around in piles by the scanners 🙂 hopefully they’ll go to 70 percent off soon its unusual for it to take this long.

  8. I found a Scotch tape ringing up 70%. It is a purple gift wrap tape single, with a gift wrapped in purple polka dot paper and a blue bow on the front. UPC 0 21200 46648 9. 2 packs of bronze Sharpies for 89 cents. And i got a shiny blue wallet/wristlet for $4.50, regular $15. Look for a gold swirly “Limited Edition” cardboard tag on them, possibly in the purse area.

  9. the 90 off time frame caries for store by a few days.

    I know I scanned a scotch tape with that description and no luck. I couldn’t find any discounted tape this year or the scissors, there were tons of those scissors in the xmas clearance and ringing full price. I have gotten them in years past

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