Target Tip: Don’t Believe the Percent off Signs, Check Individual Items

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One of the biggest ways to save money at Target is by shopping the clearance racks and end caps and buying items at 70% off.    Every time I head to Target I check those clearance racks!!    Most clearance end caps have a sign that says what percentage the items in that section are marked down to.    Since I am a 70% off kind of gal, the 30% off signs don’t really impress me.    Should I skip over them?   Absolutely not!!    Here is why, many of the items on the rack are marked lower than the sign says.

Here are some examples I found on my most recent trip to Target. All of these deals were found at one store on one day. I could have snapped even more examples, but that would have made for a really long post.

The sign for these jeans says 30% off, but upon closer inspection I found that every single pair of these jeans were actually marked down to 70% off. Someone marked them all down, but they didn’t get around to changing out the sign. This is good for you, because so many people may skip over the jeans, thinking they are only 30% off.

My next stop was the bedding department where I saw a shelf full of items that said they were 50% off. I find 50% off a little more exciting than 30% off, but nearly as exciting as 70% off. However, all of the Springmaid comforters on this end cap were in fact 70% off.

When you spot end caps like this one with several misc. items, there is a good chance that the items will be marked down to different levels. I found several frames and a bar stool all marked down to 70% off on this rack.

So, when you head to Target, make sure you check out the individual items and not just the clearance signs. Happy Shopping!

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  1. You are right, I was at Targe the other day there were toys marked down to %50 when the sign said %30!

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