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Target Christmas Clearance 2016

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The Christmas clearance is 50% off today at Target (food and candy will be 30% off).    Last year the 70% off and 90% off markdowns happened really late, I am guessing and hoping they will happen sooner this year.   Here are the dates the markdowns took place last year to give us some idea of when they may possibly happen this year.

70% off (50% off food) – January 2nd

90% off (70% off food) – January 4th

Here are some things you may want to watch for because they may end up in their respective departments (example: lip balm may end up in health & beauty department).   When these hit 70% and 90% off it’s a great time to buy items for every day and small toys and goodies for Easter baskets.












I also like to check for wrapping paper that would work for birthdays too. I think this zig zig paper would be perfect.   We’ll have even more photos for you once we personally head to Target to scope things out, these photos were taken pre-Christmas.

There are rarely any items I pick up at 50% off, there are a few items I may pick up at 70% off, but I save the majority of my shopping for 90% off.

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  1. I went there first thing in the morning. Toys were 50% off, stocking stuffer Lip Smackers and EOS and other beauty items were 30%. The Trolls headband rang up 30% and the Lego Joker pack was regular $3.99 no discount. Very disappointed. Maybe it’s just my store? This was the Jersey City location.

    1. Oh my goodness, that is disappointing! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll let you know what I find when I make it to my store.

    2. I was going to question about the Lego Star Wars and Joker packs. I didn’t check them but at my store the Lego Creator Reindeer was part of the 50% holiday clearance. Can you give me the DCPIs for the Legos if you find any of them at 50% off?


  2. I saw the Star Wars lego bag but it was full price. Only the Reindeer and Friends bags were 50% off. (northern NJ) I did find a Hot Wheel 4-pack and one small Disney Princess doll.

  3. I hit two Targets this morning. I was on the hunt for two items (a deer pillow for the cabin and a burlap tree skirt) and was happy to find the only ones of each item at the first store–and 50% off! Picked up a handful basics like Christmas ziploc bags & Kleenex hand towels (don’t care that they’re Christmas and will used them after), and a roll or two of wrapping paper. Neither store was that crowded!

  4. Did a little road trip and went to 3 different Target locations earlier today (Edgewater, Lindon, & Clifton New Jersey). Same results for all 3 locations. The Lego Star Wars & Lego Super Heroes Joker were full price. Everything at my store was 30% to 50% off. All Xmas decor and wrapping supplies were 50%. Everything else including food, toys, beauty, clothing, and storage was 30%. Last year everything but food was 50% first day. Now its 30% to 50%. Is this common outside of the East Coast?

  5. This year, and my Waterloo, IA store, Halloween clearance was marked super quickly. 3 days after it was 70% off and 5 days after it was 90%. Do you think that would happen for Christmas?

  6. My store was also really really pickwd over, hardly any cards or “stocking stuffer” type items left. Only boxes and ribbon and wrapping paper. Mine did have Lego friends bags 1.99 each but the other Star Wars Lego was 3.99

  7. I’m not a big believer in the 50% off sale as Target had a sale this year of $50 off a $100 purchase on decorations. I believe they will do this next year. I’ll wait until 70% and 90%. 🙂

  8. Some stocking stuffer toys on the seasonal section aren’t seasonal items at all. For example, the Lego polybags of Star Wars and the Joker are always 3.99,regular price. The Lego friends polybags are seasonal, so they will go down to 90% off eventually.

  9. Checked out the my local Target in Silverdale, WA this afternoon. ALREADY 70% off Christmas decorations and not much left! I’m calling them tomorrow morning when they open to see if they hit 90% off yet. Hopefully soon. This is my fourth year calling in each morning to check on the clearance percentages. However, this is the first year I’ve seen it 70% off so early and with not as much stock left. I’ll keep you girls updated!

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