My Target 90% off Christmas Clearance Haul

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The 90% off Target Christmas clearance has come and gone, but I still like to show you the items that I purchased. I went to 3 Target stores this year and here are the items I found.

My primary goal for the Christmas clearance is to find items that can be used year round.  I like to buy the beauty items, home decor and find items that I can use as gifts.

Studio McGee Faux Ficus tree $18 (reg $180) ~ I will use in my home

Threshold Faux Fur blanket (reg $35) ~ I will use as a gift

Studio McGee Blanket $3.50 (reg $35) ~ I will use in my home

Vase $1.50 (reg $15) ~ Will be for a gift when I give flowers to someone

Bowl $4 (reg $40) ~ Decor for my home

Yankee Candle $1.69 (reg $16.99) ~ Gift or for myself

Beloved candles $1.49 (reg $14.99) ~ Gift or for myself

Throw pillow $2.50 (reg $25) ~ I‘ll use for Christmas next year

All Stationery products $.50 (reg $5) ~ Use in my office & gifts

Tree Hut Body Scrub $.79 (reg $7.99) ~ picked up for personal use for myself and some for family & friends

Tree Hut 3 pack $2.50 (reg $25) ~ I love these & use them regularly.  Super deal!

Dove Shower set $1 (reg $10) ~ Bought this for personal use

Soft LIps lip balm $.50 (reg $5) ~ Part of gifts for teen girls next Christmas

eos lip balm $1 (reg $10) ~ For my lip balm stash, I like to stock up during sales like this

Body Scrubber $1 (reg $10) ~ for personal use

Good Clean Goop Beauty $1.99 (reg $19.99) – Perfect size for travel

Fantasy Face Masques $1 (reg $10) ~ for gifting

Beloved Bath Bomb $.50 (reg $5) ~ picked these up for my daughter

Beloved Hand Lotion $.50 (reg $5) ~ I like to keep small lotions in my purse and computer bag

Disney pajamas $3 (reg $30) ~ picked these up for my daughter

4 pack tissue $.57 (reg $5.69) ~ for flu and cold season

Large roll wrapping paper $.70 (reg $7) ~ Christmas next year

Wrapping paper $.50 (reg $5) ~ Christmas, birthdays, etc

Tissue $.30 (reg $3) ~ for birthday gift bags


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  1. HI! You lucky gal! I went to my target early on Jan 2 and everything was gone – like literally, they were disassembling the shelves and the signage was on the floor. In an odd spot, I found a random mask that had no price when scanned. At checkout the checker said it had been cleared but she would charge me $2 for it. I know you can’t speak to all Targets, but do they differ? Do some not go to 90%? Do you have any tips? Thanks.

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