Target: Women’s Socks 70% off

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I have been watching and waiting for the crazy women’s socks to be marked down to 70% off, and they finally made it! I picked up all of these socks yesterday, and they were only $ .45 each (reg $1.50). I plan on giving these to some teen girls as Christmas gifts.

Keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location, so you store may or may not have the same markdown.

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    1. I picked my socks up at Issaquah, WA but most Targets have the same general markdowns. Your best bet is to just check the sock department the next time you stop at your Target.
      There are specific days that each department is marked down (these socks were marked down on Monday), so if you hit Target on Friday there is a good chance all of the 70% off socks will be gone. You can check out this post to get all the information on how the clearance is marked down at Target:

    1. Clearance items are generally found in their respective departments. You will usually find an end cap with the clearance items. The socks at my store were in a basket in the aisle with all the regular price socks, like in the photo in this post (the very last photo):

      The people working at Target probably won’t have any idea about the specific clearance items unless they were the actual person that marked them down.

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