Target 70% off Toy Clearance should happen Thursday, January 17th 2013

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I don’t know for certain, but I am guessing that tomorrow Thursday, January 17th should be the day the majority of the Target stores mark down their clearance toys to 70% off.    We have heard from 4-5 people who had their stores go to 70% off today, which is a good sign that the rest of the stores will be tomorrow, since Thursday is the usual markdown day for toys.

I will start a post on the All Things Target Facebook wall bright and early Thursday morning, so you all can post if the markdown has happened at your store.    This will be a BIG help to everyone!!

Don’t forget to share your photos, it’s fun to see what others find at their store.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

Arrive early:
Once word gets out that the markdown has taken place, things will start to go quick.    At some stores everything may have already been marked down when the stores open, at other stores you may have to shop while the employees are marking stuff down.   There is no way to know what it will be like at your store.

Don’t believe the signs (check the stickers):
When you get there the signs in the toy department may say 30% or 50% off – don’t believe them!  Check the individual clearance stickers or try scanning a few items.

Have fun:
I have had great experiences almost every time I have shopped this sale. I find that most everyone is willing to point out where they found an item or share their thoughts on toys. I have run into several Grandmother’s that love to chat about their grandchildren. It can be fun and friendly experience! Make the most of it, even if it’s chaotic and you see and people buying tons of items for Ebay.   It’s all just stuff!

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  1. Ari, I have been told by employees that no, they won’t give you the 70% off price. However, you can take the toy with you, leave it in the car, and if you find the same toy still there at 70% off, you just return the one marked at 50% off. Make sense?
    Good luck!

  2. My target in Cheyenne, WY and Fort Collins, CO marked the toys to 70% today! I got tons for my twins birthday in April!!!!! YEAH

  3. 70%!! The sales associates were more than helpful with checking prices and telling me what else they marked down for a good deal! One lady even took my full cart to guest services and brought me back an empty one! She said the more we buy the easier it is for them so they don’t have to restock.

    Yup… I filled up two carts. And I’m actually proud of it! Thank goodness I have room in my basement to store everything.

    I have toys for birthdays and even some possibly for Christmas!

  4. I went to Target in Ellicott City, MD and Columbia, MD. They were marking them down when I got there. Nothing really caught my eye. I walked up and down the eisle several times in hopes of finding Lego sets, but no luck. Hopefully you all find what your looking for.

  5. Yippee! My Target in North Dallas was 70 off and they were marking when I got there. I got a Barbie volkswagon motorized car for $35!! I also got dizzy dancers, Jake & Neverland PIrate set, Polly Pocket set & much more. Paid $95!

  6. yeah!!! Allen TX down 70% Innotab games 7.98, Barbie Volkswagon $35, Cinderella Dress up set $8.98, LOTS of BARBIES, Imaginext airplanes $5.98. Awesome deals…gift closet is stacked for the next year! Thanks for all your help following this HUGE sale.

  7. Hi Christy,
    Your site is great – keep up the good work!
    Went to 3 stores in New Hampshire (Salem, Bedford and Hooksett). Half the clearance was 70% off but a lot of it hasn’t been marked down yet (I was hoping to get a Doctor Dreadful set, some Lala Loopsies, etc — not yet).
    Good stuff I got: Hot wheels Stealth Ride RC cars $6, that huge Monster High haunted school playset for $30; a bunch of Mega Bloks sets at 70%, etc.

  8. Nikki, I went to the Columbia, MD store over the weekend and got a few things at 50%, but they didn’t have much I was interested in. Glad to know that I shouldn’t waste my time today since I’m home with a sick kidl

  9. Paid $133 for $501 worth of toys today. Got Mercedes Benz rideon car for $54, disney princess kitchen $30, fisher price servin surprises kitchen $24, fp laugh and learn dancing puppy for $12, transformers police headquarters set $9, lego duplo, matchbox, leapfrog and vtech baby toys.

  10. Stores in OKC-area are 70%. Went in this AM at 8:15 in Norman and woman was there with SIX CARTS full of toys already. People even took things out of my cart. Crazy! But got a lot of good deals and, like others, stocked my gift closet for the year and kids who invite mine to b-day parties will be getting nicer things than they would otherwise. Also got a head start on Santa 2013.

  11. Ft Union Target – 70% off.

    Got a few things for my youngest, some b-day party presents, acoustic guitar and lots of little things to donate to the shelter next Christmas.

    I got there at 8;30 and couldn’t believe how picked over things already were. One lady offered me a nice Polly Pocket set (she had a spare) but I wasn’t as impressed as in years past. Maybe its because my kids are getting older but….

    I did see the Powerwheels and knew they were a good deal but noone to buy for. I decide years ago that I would let friends know about the sale but not necessarily buy for them. I struggle to get there but do it so they can too. Again maybe I’m bad – just one of those things

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