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Target Toy Clearance 70% off

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Awesome news! It looks like the toy clearance went 70% off at Target today!! Sometimes the employees don’t get around to changing the signs. They were marking the toys down while I was there, but they were almost completely done by 9:30.  Keep in mind clearance can vary by region. Here are some helpful tips for shopping the 70% off toy clearance:

  • Don’t go by the signs in the aisles, check the individual price stickers.
  • Use the scanners to check prices sometimes they don’t get to switching all the price tags at one time
  • Things will need to be marked down manually, if you see an employee working in the aisle you may be able to have them check a toy or two for you. 
  • I wouldn’t rely on calling your store to see if the markdown took place. The people at the front don’t know which departments are being marked down each day.
  • Have fun!

Check out all of the awesome 70% off toys I found at my store today:

We can’t wait to see all of your 70% off toy clearance deals you score.  Please feel free to share your photos any of the following ways:

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