Target: Toy Clearance is now 70% Off!! (Most Target Stores)

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Whoo hoo!  Christy just let me know that the toy clearance is now 70% off at the Southcenter location!!!!!  Let us know what amazing deals you find at your Target and which location!  HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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  1. Got 2 hotwheels sets, Shark bite bay and 4 lane racer, both with 18 cars each for $12/ea. At my Boise on Eagle store. And then I got an Imagineext twin eagle plane for $5 at my Boise on Emerald store.

  2. Hit a target at 10:30– not much left. But I found a stack of 70% off clothes for the Disney toddler dolls on a random toy shelf– left behind by another shopper for me to discover! Love those moments!

  3. My hubs and I hit 3 Targets between us: (rounding up)
    Littlest Pet Shop Fairies sets- $9
    Cinderella clothes set – $6
    Littlest Pet Shop Night Fairies Doll with Blythe – $5
    Littlest Pet Shop doll – $3
    Rapunzel with color change hair – $9
    Big Hot Wheels sets with loops and stuff for $7, $10 and $11
    Imaginext Sky Racer – $6
    Dinosaur Train talking dinos – $4.50 and $6
    Huge Thomas set – $11
    Little Batman figures with accessories – $3
    Ariel’s pool – $7
    Lalaloopsy figures – $4
    First Act Guitar – $9
    Leapster Explorer Penguins of Madagascar game – $8
    Barbie fashion doll – $3
    Barbie Target fashion pack – $4
    Playdoh “cake maker” and “pop shop” sets – $6 and $5
    “Lets Play” brand Barbie – sized pink convertibel – $3.50
    “Lets Play ” brand Lego case with board – $7

  4. Wow, great deals. Wish I lived in the states this time of the year. haha.
    I wonder if we get deals like this. Even our liquidating Zellers here in Canada isn’t at 70% off for the toys.

  5. I got a Rockin Elmo for 11.98, a Strummin Ernie to go with him for 5.98, and little sesame street figures for 5.08. These were so cute for my 1 year old, he loves them~! I also picked up a marvel avenger spaceship for 10.48, rev n go racer for 13.48, and a bunch of that o.o.t.w. by blip toys for anywhere from 2.48-5.48.

  6. I couldn’t get to Target (Lynnwood, WA) until this morning because my son has been sick. It’s pretty picked over, but there’s a few things, depending on what you’re looking for. They had two different toy guitars for girls–the one I bought was $8 and change. There were still some Sesame Street kitchens and rockin’ Elmos (though too “young” for my kids). There were pool sets for Ariel dolls (though the doll doesn’t come with the set). Lots of “science kits” that my five-year-old son said looked “too gross.” Ha! I got a Chugginton set and a Hot Wheels launcher, but I think I got the last of those. There are still a lot of Bonka Zonks, which my son was begging for, but I already bought him a ton at 70% off last week without him knowing. 🙂

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