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Target Toy Clearance (January 2020)

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January is one of the best months for Target clearance deals, and one of the departments that has some great markdowns is the toy department. In previous years the majority of the clearance toys would all get marked down to 70% off on one day, but I really think those days are over.  The markdown usually happened in the middle of the month

Here is what I think we will see this year (and in future years too). Toys will go 30%, 50% and 70% off as usual, but they will mark them down in stages instead of all at once. There will still be great deals to be found, but you may have to visit Target on a weekly basis if you are looking for something specific. Keep in mind the usual markdown day for the toy department is Thursday, so for the newest markdowns you will probably want to check on that day.  I also think we will see less toys on clearance because I really believe they carry less merchandise due to the remodeled stores.

This is a great time to pick up toys for upcoming birthdays for your own children or for parties they get invited to. LEGOs are one of my favorite things to pick up during the Target toy clearance. LEGOs are popular so it’s not common for them to make it to the 70% off markdown, they usually get purchased at 30-50% off. Here is a peek at all of the LEGO sets I found on clearance at my store.

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