My Thoughts on the 70% off Target Toy Clearance (will it be 7/25?)

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Lots of people are wondering if the big 70% of toy clearance will happen tomorrow.   The clearance happened last year on 7/26, so one would think that it should happen on Thursday, July 25th right?     We never know for sure until it happens, but I am thinking that the big clearance may not actually happen until Thursday, August 1st.    I have noticed that almost all of the clearance events this year have happened a week later than they did last year, which leads me to believe that the markdown will probably take place next week.

I have no way of knowing for sure, so this is just an educated guess.   Having said that, there is a chance the markdown can happen at a few store (or even the majority) of stores tomorrow.  So, I will put a post on on the All Things Target Facebook page bright and early tomorrow morning, so if you do head to Target can you let us know what you find.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss the sale, you may want to check out your Target just to be safe.   Happy shopping!

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  1. Ha! I was totally planning on checking your facebook tomorrow just in case! Thanks for keeping us posted! 🙂

  2. So glad you wrote this post. I’m getting pre-sale crazy here! I’ll definitely be checking in early in the morning to see what is going on. Thanks!

  3. Im thinking tomorrow because all the new Lego sets are set to come out aug 1st, so they’ll need room for it all.

  4. I hope it’s tomorrow! Lots of 50% off stuff already at our store,& I had my husband use a vacation day! Lol.

  5. I Went To My Target Tonight To Check It Out And They Have Not Yet Gathered The Clearance ToysTogether And Put Them Onto One Isle. I’m Hoping It’sTomorrow but Have My Doubts. (San Antonio)

  6. Aren’t there a few stores that mark-down toys on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays? Does anyone know if *those* stores started their 70% clearance today?

  7. The last toy clearance, an employee told me the had to come in at 6am to begin the markdown. I was in there today but not sure where they’re gonna put it. The seasonal aisle is almost empty.

  8. I was there late tonight. They were marking stuff down but I found out they are doing inventory tonight.

  9. They didn’t mark down until 1 pm in January. It depends on the store and how much staff they have I guess.

  10. My store flat out told me next week. In in San Antonio also. There is a store here that did not even go 90 on summer yet.

  11. I was at my store late last night to see if any markdowns were taking place — but I didn’t see them working on the Toy Area. I talked to 2 different associates and they told me they have no clue when the big price drop takes place — supposedly it comes down from corporate and they don’t know exactly when the drop is until the day of (when it comes up on their scanner to work.) This year — the toys at my location are already very much so picked over. Not a lot left at all — which is disappointing! I did purchase a few things at 50% off and I’m glad I did!

  12. I checked the toy section at my store in VA this morning and nothing is marked down more than 50% 🙁 I didn’t see a special toy clearance section either – everything is still in its own aisle or on end caps. Signs were up, but only for 15% and 30% off.

  13. No major clearance items here in our Ohio location….bummer! Regular clearance but not 70%off. I’m bummed because next Thursday I’m booked up and can’t make it.

  14. Just talked to a store employee. He said they were completely changing toy section within two weeks so it should be soon! Definitely not today though.

  15. Newport News, VA only had 30-50% off, they told me to check back. It should happen within the next 2 weeks.

  16. Went to our closest Target this morning. Everything is still 50% off. I called the other Target near us and they said they’ve marked a lot down to 70% but not all.

  17. I have been checking this blog over and over this morning to see what reports are coming in about the sale. Then I got a brilliant idea, I can call Target stores all over he country and find out for myself. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, calling doesn’t really work. The employees up front that answer the phones don’t work specifically in the toy department, so more times than not they don’t know what is going on. Many aren’t even aware that the clearance happens at all.

  18. I got the same information as Rachel – they are re-doing the toy section in 2 weeks, so probably next week. I had the employees doing the mark downs scan tons of toys at 2 different stores and most toys weren’t moving in price today. The most anything was marked down to was 50% off.

  19. I went to two local stores this morning – still 50%! Tricky, tricky Target! They have always done it the last Thursday in July at my store but we’ll see I guess…probably next week.

  20. I was at the lading target (Renton) yesterday around 10 AM, one person was marking down a few toys but to only 50% off. I did notice the twister game ( the one with brittney spears on it)was marked down to 70% around $8.?? just ONE but all the rest said 30% off. They did scan at $8. something though. The one I found was hidden behind the ones that were not marked down.

    1. Unfortunately, calling doesn’t really work. The employees up front that answer the phones don’t work specifically in the toy department, so more times than not they don’t know what is going on. Many aren’t even aware that the clearance happens at all.

  21. My store in Nebraska marked more down, but only to 50%. They said that the had marked all they were going to this week. I am guessing next week for sure!!! On a better note found more 90% off clearance including the plates, a few inflatable floaters for the minions for $0.99 and all the hoops-loos (hula hoops) for $0.39! I sear this is the last trip to Target for me this week!

  22. I’m in the Chicago burbs and went to 4 Targets today- the first one at 8am was loaded with 70% off and I bought quite a haul. Second one had nothing at 70% off and was mostly 30% with a sprinkle of 50%. Third one had a tiny bit of 70% off. Fourth one was loaded with 70% off and even though I was there about 11am, tons there because the guy was just marking everything down. So totally hit or miss but I’m happy because I got quite a bit of my shopping done. I bet the other stores go next Thursday.

  23. I went today to my Harlingen Texas store and toys still at 50% off today the 26th. You prob are right, most likely will happen in Aug.

  24. Our nearby 5 Targets (San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore and Tracy in CA)have most clearance toys at 50% but I did find a few at 70%. I got a UNO and Twister electronic toy at 70% discount and some Hot Wheels ones for 50% discount.

  25. has anyone seen any further markdowns this week? I thought it could be today or tomorrow but thats just a huntch..

  26. Nope, none here so far. I called last week and the guy from the toy department said “If we are going to further markdown the toys it will be EARLY next week. Well I figured since I KNOW without a doubt that my store does markdowns in toys are Thursdays that was a lie….but who am I fooling I went today (Tuesday) just to be sure I had not missed anything and EVERYTHING was still sitting the same at 30-50% off in same place etc. How about anyone else? It will be interesting to see tomorrows reponses on here, from the folks whos stores follow a Wednesday toy markdown schedule. Please let us all know.

  27. Nothing here is GA:( still 30-50%
    I only went to one store and their systems were down, but nothing has been condensed either.

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