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Target: Room Essentials Light Duty Hose $.99 (90% off Summer Clearance)

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I wanted to give you a heads up on garden hose that is ringing up at 90% off and it may be found in with the regular garden hoses.    The colors that are ringing up at $.99 are green (and I believe orange).   So, if you head to Target today or tomorrow you may want to check the garden hoses for these Room Essentials Light Duty Hoses regularly priced at $9.99.

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  1. Been to two Targets today and there is notta ringing up at 90% off. Total bummer here in Washington.

  2. I was at the Jantzen Beach Target in Portland, OR today and the summer stuff wasn’t ringing up as on sale at all.

  3. Found 6!!! They are great house warming gifts for new home buyers. Most of my friends are just becoming homeowners so this is AWESOME!!!

  4. Has anyone been to their store yet this morning? Wondering if the 90% is still ringing up or is it salvaged and coming up “item not found”? Hoping I can snag a hose or 2!

  5. I was just at the Target in Waukesha, WI and I found 2 of the orange 50ft light duty hoses ringing at $0.99. Also found several of the Bonzai Novelty Floaters (Piranha, Swan, & Shark) all at $0.99, a savings of 90%.

  6. I went last night and found one orange hose in with the other ones, but it was ringing up “item not found”. The guy that price checked it said that I could buy it at the last price it was at… but that was $10.00… I was so bummed!

  7. I also walked around EVERYWHERE looking for hidden (not marked, or marked to only 50% off, and found nothing! What a total clearance failure!! :/ But, a couple days before, I did get first dibs on a handfull of 90% off summer stuff (beach bag, snack cups, stickers, water can…) so I guess I haven’t failed completely!!

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