When is the BIG Target 70% off Toy Clearance? (January 2013)

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I keep getting questions about when I think the BIG Target Toy Clearance will happen, so here are my thoughts!   First, if you aren’t familiar with the BIG 70% off Toy Clearance that happens at Target in January and July, you can read about it HERE.

If history repeats itself (and it usually does each year) then the markdown will probably take place on Thursday, January 10th (some stores markdown their toys on Wednesday).   Last year, the markdown took place  at most stores on Thursday, January 12th.

Now, having said that, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • So many people have caught onto this sale that Target could switch things up.  I know one year they seemed to mark just a few toys down each week, they did not mark the majority of them down all at once.
  • The markdown day for toys could switch at the beginning of the year. Most stores markdown their toys on Thursdays, but several years ago Wednesday was the markdown day, so it is possible for the day to change.
  • Some stores may markdown the week after, or even the week before.

You best bet to stay on top of this sale is to make sure you are a Fan of All Things Target on Facebook, because I and lots of readers will post directly to the page when they know that the toys have gone 70% off at their store.

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