Levi’s x Target Collection Clearance 70% off

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I found the Levi’s x Target collection marked down to 70% off at my store. There were no clearance signs and none of the items had clearance stickers on them.  Make sure you use the scanners at your store to see if they are on clearance.  My store had so much left!  Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary from store to store.  This clearance is in-store only, the discount online is only like 15% off and they items are hard to find online now.  Not every store carried the Levi’s x Target collection.

The items at my store were no longer in a Levi’s x Target display, it was replaced by the family photo outfits.  I found all of the markdowns moved to the home department.  So check around the store, they may be in a different department, an aisle display or and end cap.

I will list the DPCIs for some of the items, but be warned not all of the items are showing properly on Brick Seek for this collection anymore.

The only item that wasn’t ringing up on clearance were the denim Levi’s jackets, they are still full price, everything else was 50% off.

Bar cart $45 (reg $150)  DPCI 335-00-3975

Pitcher $4.50 (reg $15)  DPCI 335-00-8808

Serving tray $4.50 (reg $15)  DPCI 335-00-0966

Serving tray $4.50 (reg $15)  DPCI 335-00-8253

Sherpa Throw $9 (reg $30)

3pk notebooks $2.40 (reg $8)

Reusable shopping tote $1.50 (reg $5)  DPCI  335-00-7103

Accessory Bag $2.40 (reg $8)

Teddy Bear $3.60 (reg $12)

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  1. I like the quality of these pieces. I found some in my Target after reading this – but at 50% off. Still a great deal. Thanks!

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